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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back

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So Zeos says to sort of ignore these because you can’t get the $400 amp anymore. Well, I’m not sure about in the States, but up in Canada there’s 2 shops where you can still get it (SRM252S), one also selling it with the L300 for $1200 CAD so about $850USD. The L700 and energizer above this is about $3300 CAD which if it isn’t never, isn’t for years, and I kind of want to get into the game (I’ve though about the Koss, but they’re only about 45% cheaper than this combo). Thoughts about buying it? Pounce before they sell out forever, as I’ll doubt there will be restocks if they’re off the STAX site

Personally instead of the entry level stax, I really suggest to check out the koss 95x imo, I think it’s a much better value while giving more satisfactory performance than the l300/500 with the base energizer can offer. But as you mention it might not be as good of a value as it is in the US, so the l3100 system may end up being cheaper so idk

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So even if these are the only electrostats I may ever buy for the rest of my life, you still say Koss?

So just to check, how much are the koss for you?

I’ve run the currency conversion the Koss are about 48% cheaper. They’re $613 CAD to the $1150 I can get the STAX package

Oh yeah then easily koss then imo. So personally, I think unless you are looking for the most treble detail and lightest sound, the koss are going to be generally a higher preforming headphone. The koss have better timbre than the l3100 system, it has a larger and more spacious stage, a more full and sweeter midrange, and better bass impact and extension and doesn’t really sound deficient like some of the stax do. I do think the 3100 might be a bit more detailed with also better imaging, but imo the benefits of the koss outweigh what the l3100 has to offer. Also regarding comfort, I personally find the koss more comfy, and also better built (but both have pretty poor build quality lol). Also support wise if anything went wrong, I think you might have a better chance with koss warranty vs stax, but that could change depending on how koss would deal with people in canada and also if/how the shops handle stax warranty. Energizer wise the stax energizer does feel more solid and nicer, and also the koss has this irritating volume pot that has separate dials for left and right, and it kills me, so perhaps buy like a cheap monitor controller or passive volume knob to bypass the volume pot on the koss. Regarding pads, if you go with the koss, I would highly recommend the dekoni 95x pads for improved comfort and bass extention/impact

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Not sure where you are or what rates you are using, but I did a quick calculation with them @$450.00 and it works out to about $740.00, landed. Of course in NS, we have 15% sales tax.

As a current owner, I will also add that I need to use my Schiit Loki with the Koss system to enjoy it. YMMV.

Yeah, it’s the volume pot thing. I KNOW that would drive me up the wall, and it’s sort of the reason I’m ignoring them, but I suppose if I pre’d the Koss with something like my Zen, set the knob and just used the Zen I could get around that.

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Yeah I wasn’t factoring in sales tax and CP charge so it was retail vs retail, and didn’t want to complicate things for the comparison. I just threw the 450+15 shipping into xe.com and got that figure cause either way, you’re paying sales tax (unless you didn’t on your Koss cause I know sometimes Drop packages I don’t pay tax on in which case I’d get the Koss in a heart beat over the Stax)

In the UK we don’t seem to be hit with VAT etc when ordering from the far East?..but smashed with every conceivable duty when purchasing anythings from the US :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Mhh, price seems not bad (570€), but at least in germany it’s a gamble. Sometimes the orders go through and you don’t have to pay anything. If customs finds your package and inspects it, we have to pay customs fee + 19% tax :sob:

Depends where you get it from, I usually get charged customs on stuff from Japan but not usually from China :sweat_smile:

That is correct

I’m able to get srs 3100 set used at almost half the price of 95x new set. Does it mean its a no brainer to get the srs-3100 which is dirt cheap and it’s almost new condition?

You’re asking this forum if it’s a good idea to buy audio stuff?..

Do It lol

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I mean at the price of the used srs 3100 set, I should just get it instead of koss 95x right? It’s like almost half the price of koss 95x

I’d get the L300. it’s a superior ear speaker and if you upgrade the Energizer it really starts to perform.

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Can I check with you guys, the AC adaptor for the energizer is 100V, if I get transformer to convert my wall supply from 220v to 110v, will that be okay? Okay to plug 100v device into 110v power supply?

I have SRS-3100 and I LOVE IT. The best sound under $1000.