🔷 Stax SRM-353X

This is the official thread for the Stax SRM-353X

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • XLR & RCA in, RCA out

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Z Reviews…

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Picked one up from headlamp today and very excited to get it in the mail.

So hooked this um to my L500 MK2 and I think it is keeps and bounds above the D10 for power.

Is that the famous store where you have to wear sunglasses inside all the time…? :o

How do you like it? Have you had a SRM-252s? That’s all I’ve heard so far, with a meager L300.

I really enjoy it with my L500s. I was running a SRM D10 before and I just didn’t provide the grunt I was looking for.

Are you planning to try a Nectar Hive? Or SR-007 next?

I’m pretty set for my setup right now but it’s not out of the realm in the future. Little stax porn for ya


L700 leather pads? :slight_smile:

No it’s how the mrk2s come. I’m pretty sure it’s why the D10 didn’t seem to have enough ooomph.

D10 is am amp, right? I mean the headphone pads. I upgraded my L300 pads to the nice L700 leather ones. Highly recommend!

Yep D10 is the portable amp and I thought the L500s had very close earpads to the L700s bit I could be mistaken.

500 pads are synthetic like 300, but more padding, p sure. 700 = leather

Ok gotcha, they fooled me lol. I might have to try the 700 pads.

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And they are on their way lol. They look really comfortable.

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Noooow you’re cookin’ : D

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And the L700 earpads are fantastic. Comfy as hell and I do believe the low-end has elevated a bit as well. Thanks for the recommendation!!!

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When I had my L300, I loved using the Bass Boost in Windows, +6dB @ 75Hz. :heart: Such thump

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I don’t think I need the bass boost at all but I can see how clean and thumpy it can be.

Hell Ya , nice to see a fellow owner of the Limited Black 353X so sexy, got a good deal on all brand new 2 sets of L300Limiteds, ( 1 pair never opened in box in case the craptastic plastic breaks on the L300L ). Supposedly they only made 300 gold emblem 353Xs in Black.

That’s awesome info, I picked this up as a demo unit so I got a decent deal as well. I can’t imagine owning multiple stax lol.