Struggling to find new headphones, please help!


Im new here and thought to ask for your guidance since im sure you know more than me. Currently im using Sennheiser HD 598 and theyre soon to be 5 year old headphones and i always loved these. Only time i tried to change from them is when i tried to fulfill my quest on wireless headphones. Ive tried headsets like steelseries siberia 840 and those were horrible, i couldnt pinpoint enemy in game and thought theyre running all around no matter how i tweaked the eqs. Also had steelseries arctis 7, wich were a bit better to me but still not even close to my sennheisers. Lastly i got Sennheiser RS 185 and those were actually best out of the wireless headphones that ive had and quality wise i would have used them but they kept making my head hurt (probably the missing padding from the headband) so i had to let them go. So yeah, if someone has idea what would be good / best wireless headphones for gaming im listening!

Anyway, the main reason im writing here is that i cant decide which headphones to upgrade my HD 598 to. At the moment im quite intrigued by the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 pro headphones, main problem here is that they are very hard to buy in finland, theyre out of stock everywhere and no one knows when they will be available. Also i would like to try them before buying. Next issue is that i need a new dac / amp, atm im using procaster DAC 03 MK II. Doubt you heard of it, anyhow it says it can drive up to 300ohms, but its quite cheap one. I think my HD 598 sounds better of my mobo sound card (Meg z390 ace), it claims it can drive up to 1000ohms but i guess thats just a gimmick. How much “worse” DT 990 edition would be compared to DT 1990 pro? Would there be point upgrading from HD 598 to DT 990 edition or is it better to go bigger straight away.

Im just going to list some options:
Beyerdynamic DT 1990 pro (out of stock, need to order from Britain or wait for who knows how long)
Beyerdynamic DT 990 edition 250ohm (pro ones are out of stock but this i could get)
Sennheiser HD660S
Sennheiser HD650 (out of stock)
Sennheiser HD600
AKG K 712 Pro

Hyperx Cloud II wireless
Logitech G pro X wireless
Razer Blackshark v2 pro
Im really lost with these but i take suggestions, however this doesnt affect the audiophile headphone search, just using this same topic to ask about peoples opinions on these too.

Now feel free to suggest anything that might be better or that you like more. I would like open back (obviously) and to be able to pinpoint where enemy footsteps are coming from. Also HD598 while being great for competitive fps gaming, i would like it to have maybe a bit more bass. I mainly play games and listen to music with these headphones.

Im sorry for very long post, but if you could bother to read the mainpoints and are willing to help me, i would be most grateful!

Thank you all.

I’m passing to someone who has listened to most of those to help you out. The only 2 cents I will throw in is I went through this with my audio experience too. Bought myself a Schiit Magni/Modi stack and was in love with a simple and powerful solution to drive better headphones.
I only mention that because it was 250.00 for me to get the stack with the pyst cables needed.

I think on that list above you could add the TYGR 300r’s to that for sure. Very good set of headphones for gaming and a nice price to go with it. Not sure on the price for you - but is roughly 160-180 in the US.

From what I have read you can definitely save a bit on a good dac/amp combo or stack and then splurge a bit more on the headphones to get a better sound. At least that is what I have done.

somehow I have this strange feeling you meant me lol.

yeah, those gaming headsets are not going to best the ever famous HD 598… that thing for years was a monster in gaming placements and still is good these days as sound engines aren’t the best in FPS games… there is of course the alternative 58x jubilee which is extremely popular… if you feel the need to maybe try that. I know a lot of people who swear by that one in particular over 598 anymore as a potential upgrade.

hmm wireless is going to limit you severely… the issue with wireless headphones is they need a low latency amp/dac chain to go with them… Hifiman Deva should work nicely for you… not the best choice but does well enough however, you need something with low latency. I would highly recommend skipping wireless if it’s not absolutely mandatory… Audeze Penrose would be the best choice for gaming headsets by miles ahead of it’s competition. There is of course the alternative such as extensive setting up of say a Beyerdynamic headphone, modding it to a 3.5mm detachable cable, attaching a 3.5mm bluetooth dongle connected to a low latency amp/dac chain but this is time consuming and expensive.

I would first definitely ask if you even tried a beyerdynamic headphone before… 1990s are rather large step up and considering the amp I am reading you will more than likely want to upgrade that before going to the 1990. The reason I ask if you tried a beyer is they are unforgivingly bright and some people are extremely intolerant to them. THey do fantastic in gaming for sure… I use them myself but I know for sure they are not for everybody. It also will entirely depend on which games were talking here… the 1990 isn’t going to be better than say 990, 880, 58x jubilee, and others in smaller games like overwatch and csgo for example.

worse isn’t the word here, just different and a potential step above. 1990s are clearer, more analytical, built a hell of a lot sturdier, neutral bright unlike 990 which is V signatured… though 1990 comes with another set of pads that will make it V signature. The 1990 is like two headphones in one… with A pads its similar to that of the DT 880 and with B pads it becomes like 990. 1990 is one of those headphones that responds to a very large degree by changing it’s pads… it can go from it’s natural bright state to a V signature to even a darker signature and still maintain it’s sound qualities alongside being able to be extensively equalized. DT 990 is naturally a V signature headphone and respond well but are potentially brighter than 1990 depending on there ohm… highly recommend 600 ohm for 990 if you can power them due to it’s aggressive potential sibilance and heavily bassy nature in 250 ohm.

I wouldn’t call it potentially and upgrade just different… 990 has larger staging and much better imaging but a different signature… it will perform better in competitive but depend on the game itself…

skip the 600 skip the 650, 660s has the best imaging of the 600 series followed by I believe 6xx if I recall correctly been a while since I sat with them. Only go with sennheisers 600 series if you play smaller FPS as the soundstage is narrow… if you play larger fps like warzone you may not want these.

bassier variant of the k702. Has imaging issues… recommend avoiding this due to it’s usual over priced nature, imaging problems, and for it’s price beyers outperform it… so less beyers are uncomfortable I cannot recommend this.

all garbage, hard pass to an extreme degree. I have used all three of these… the logitech performed best if that helps… however, it absolute does not outperform penrose, deva, panda, or the wired headphones listed here. I would sooner tell you just go buy the pc38x before I recommended any of those wireless headsets

agreed, tygr are ridiculously good.

I would honestly just recommend him the usual entry levels if he can get his hands on one… otherwise like a Soundblaster g6, fiio k5 pro, something like that would work fine

I always forget about the G6. I had so many Soundblaster cards in my life but they were all internal cards. I’ve heard G6 is great and better since external source.

It’s good for its price but other entry level dedicated units are better

Zeus I have had bear Dynamics I have had m 1070’s Zeus are badass

Thank you everyone!

I’m going to listen to some of the headphones tomorrow (not sure which all there are in the store). Actually found dt 1990pro in stock at one store (about 470e) and got really hyped to buy it but decided to test out the different headphones to see which I like best.

Unfortunately Im not able to buy tygr in Finland for who knows what reason, but anyway can’t take that as an option. What comes to wireless I guess I won’t be going there for now, even though I would love to. Bluetooth ain’t really option for me because don’t want to invest to the low latency equipment and there are no good wireless headphones with transmitter that would provide low lag it seems.

Guess reading this makes my options to pretty much dt 1990pro, hd 660s or stick with what I have. I am pleased with hd 598, at least in gaming, but i would like something bit more rich in sound if that can be said / different for sake of change. Maybe I find it a bit dull in music after all these years.

What’s your intake on the soundblaster g6 / fiio k5 pro? I could buy either since they’re not that expensive. Which would be better to go for?

Edit: looking more into it, what are the low lag receiver set ups that would make wireless headsets usable? Also is there something that can make my hd 598 wireless with low lag?

100% agree! Zeus is currently my daily driver.

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Hey again,

To update the topic / reopen the issue. I went to try out different headphones and that was quite wasted trip, because of covid didn’t get to the listening room and had to test from phone at the store aisle and there wasn’t the higher tier headphones available. Anyhow after that I decided to go with audeze penrose and I liked them, but felt like I get more from open back headphones with wires. Also they just had some major issues that made me return them and decide that wireless is not a option yet and also I enjoy open back more than closed.

I then ordered tygr 300r, but those might take months to come as it’s unclear when the store gets them. Also I heard they’re not that great in the end for competitive, something about bass hiding the steps. Haven’t canceled this but started to wonder if there’s something better for me.

So now I’ve been struggling and googling about dt 1990 Pro, Wich are in stock at one store and we’re really close to order them, but the treble peak bothers me (no knowing if it’s issue for me is what bothers me). The store that has them in stock doesn’t have return policy after you’ve opened the box, other places don’t have it in stock. So I can’t really try them and return them if i don’t like the Peak.

So I’m looking for headphones good for competitive fps like csgo and valorant but also ones that I can use daily for music and browsing internet / casual gaming. Dt 1990 pro is praised but can I use them daily for multiple hours at once is the issue (I know no one can answer that for me).

So at the moment I have my eyes on:

Dt 1990 pro
Hd 660s

If you got some other that could be good for me, I’m listening. If you think one of these would be the best to go with I’d like to hear that.

Ps. Unfortunately can’t get my hands on zeus in Finland.

Edit: Also wonder about hd 660s if theyre not that different / special after hd 598?

I’m not sure who claimed they aren’t that great but that is so far beyond the truth it’s not even funny… tygr is one of the current best of the best options in its price point for those wanting both competitive and casual. It does have some bass but not enough to cause major issues… if you need more clarity and air than a tygr you would need like the 990 or something brighter and more open sounding.

If you have the ability of returning the tygr test them first… see what you think personally.

Try an 880 or 990 if a store Carrys them before 1990… that way you don’t torch the wallet. You can also just go get an equalizer like peace apo and bump the treble up see how you tolerate a brighter sound. Some people like myself love brighter clearer headphones so it may suit you. But I still absolutely recommend a trial of the tygr.

I would sooner point you towards a t1 2nd gen like me for an all around daily driver but 1990 cam still be used just fine… it depends on your personal tolerance.

660s would be fine for your games but in larger games they struggle

Sundara is fantastic but built cheap and isn’t as good for casual imo just due to the more recessive bass though it sounds fantastic

598 are nice and classic… but 660s have the better imaging of the 500 and 600 series… 500 series just had better soundstage

One thing to consider about DT1990s is that they are noticeably heavier than the DT 880/990/TYGR which personally makes them a bit physically uncomfortable for longer sessions. I keep a set of TYGRs around due to their light weight and comfort for longer sessions.

Thank you for your input, think I will be trying that eqing 8,5khz on my hd 598 to try out if its too peaky for me, if not might order the 1990. I wont cancel my tygr order tho, you reassured me of the feeling I got of them when I first ordered them. Just don’t know how long I have to wait for them. All around reviews of tygr sound great for me, I just did read somewhere of the issues for competitive, but guess that was just one opinion, as it being muddy / too bassy for hearing the footsteps.

I feel like going for hd660s won’t be that exciting that I want to use money on that and there isn’t any better ones to get than tygr or dt 1990 pro, 2nd gen t1 is a bit expensive at this point for me (900e). Recessive bass on sundara doesn’t sound like something I would like at this point.

If someone has great experience with something different from around 500e budget I’m still listening.

This is mainly if you don’t have it properly driven and are going off a motherboard it seems to gain quite a lot in the bass… which is a big no go. As long as you have proper amounts of power to it, works just fine… I can absolutely vouch for that. Some people however, do need a brighter headphone to help them… depends on the person and their own hearing of course…

it was discontinued so you should search used markets on that one… the 2nd gen is worth the same price as a 1990 but they are of different signatures and power demand.

matter of preference really

well, theres plenty of alternatives out there… just really depends on what suits you personally. Would recommend going and taking a look at my write up on that if you want a good list of headphones and explainations for what you should look for in a more -ideal- sense.

Speaking of amps, what would be good one for dt 1990 / tygr? You mentioned fiio k5 pro month ago and that I could get, but is there something that would ease dt 1990 pro treble peak? Don’t know of budget… maybe around 200e. Depends what is worth, I can spend more if i get worth out of it, but don’t want to spend too much for minor upgrades. Looked at schiit, but can’t get those in Finland unfortunately.

I will take a look at all the lists you have posted! Thank you

beyerdynamic Foam Disc Amiron wireless if beyerdynamic ships it to Finland is a great option.

Gave my hd 598 eq basicly bumped 6-8k hz by 10db. I dont know if thats enough or too much, tried to compare to the rtings charts they had of each headphone.

Anyone thats better with these things can confirm if i overshot it or went too low treble? I played some sibilance sensitive songs after that, i can for sure hear the peak.

it may cost a bit more but the liquid spark amp would be the one that can help with that… other than that you have the tygr foam discs, pad swaps, and of course eq.

Harmonicdyne Zeus!!!

You won’t be disappointed

kph30i end game