Subwoofer isolation

I just bought the SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation system for my two Klipsch THX Ultra2 KW-120-THX subs, because I live in a townhouse and my neighbors pound on my walls when I watch movies or play games, I was was told that isolating subs will stop them from shaking the floors and walls, have any of you tried subwoofer isolation before? What have your experiences been?

well, if you just bough tit you should know if it works…right?

My guess? It will help some, but not 100%. The sub’s cabinet won’t shake the floors. But nothing will stop the LFE waves from shaking the floor and walls except unplugging it.

I use those, they made some difference initially. Then I got better at tuning my subs. Haha LOL… yes they work better than smaller harder feet, or direct contact to surface.

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How do you tune your subs not to shake your walls and floor?

Unfortunately, the opposite happened, I got better at positioning the subs and integrating them into the system. There was more wall and floor shaking. Then you have to go start adding little rubber feet to all your pictures and frivolous items laying around the room and house. When you get the subs to play well the deep sub bass will sound better, even the feet won’t help much. Volume control, learn volume control or get out of the apartment and buy a house, LOL. Good luck and have fun!

In all seriousness, the feet do help a little bit with hardwood floors. If you play HT set-up or heavy bass tracks on music all you can do is control the volume and keep it low. I don’t have a better answer, maybe someone who lives in an apartment has found a trick to keep bass from traveling and annoying their neighbors

I had a house and had to move to an apartment, I fucking hate it. The guy with spare change you tube channel lives in an apartment and has a full home theater with 3 subs in one of his rooms, he uses abunch of acoustic insulation foam on his walls.

It’s been a long time since I moved out of my last attached home/apartment. I feel your pain. Especially bad if you don’t have corner unit. Maybe enjoy headphones more?

Headphones are nice because they don’t take up much room, don’t disturb people around you (as much sometimes lol), and take the room out of the equation. Also might be more immersive at times, but speakers are pretty nice too lol. Hard to not have both

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Those stupid little feet are expensive too, I know I paid for 12 of them. 1 option that comes to mind is to raise the subwoofer completely off the floor. Play with positioning it on top of something about 1 or 2 feet above the floor. I know this sounds crazy but sometimes you need to do weird things to get what you want. Its no weirder than a multi speaker subwoofer tower that has 2, 3 or 4 woofers in it. All the upper units are raised well off the floor. Just trying to think a bit out-side the box for you.

I used to be perfectly fine with using headphones, until I got my surround sound system set up, and it makes all my headphones sound like shit, you just can’t fit two 12" body shaking subs into a pair headphones.

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Ya they are $50 per sub, but if they work as well as a lot of you tubers say they do, it’s worth it to me.

I can agree with that lol, ever since I got my subs it has been something you can’t recreate in a headphone lol

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Amen to that.
Though i have always known this. :slight_smile: There ain’t single headphone that gives sub vibes like good subs do.

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Only one that’s gotten close is the modded th900mk2, but even then, not really the same thing

C’mon. Headphones cannot give prostate shaking vibes. Ever.
Not same at any level. :smiley:

On the actual subject.
Wonder do those “subwoofer isolators platforms” work? They like foam type bottom and hard MDF plate on top. Do they actually stop or remove vibes?
Since the subs enclosures i got do not actually shake or vibrate so they should not resonate the floor. Huge port is near the ground but would think the actual sound makes things shake.

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Maybe you could get a butt kicker and hook it up to your headphones


Or just wear open backs with a sub lol, that works too

Sound isolation is the whole point of this thread :joy: speakers making noise isn’t my problem.