Suggest me an amp for Audeze LCD-3 (Pre fazor)

Like the title says, I’m preparing my next upgrade, the amp!
Primarily, it would be used with Audeze LCD-3 (Pre fazor)

I currently have these :

  • Hagerman Tuba
  • Neve RNHP
  • XD05 Plus

What would be the next step up, or simply put, which Headphones Amp would get the best out of Audeze LCD-3 (pre fazor)

Many thanks!

Just curious what DAC you are running in your chain? That can have a dramatic effect on the amp as the higher tier you go, the more important synergy is.

My DAC is a SMSL M500.

But here’s the thing, I currently am not using it, as I often need to hear myself playing guitar through my Fractal FM-3 modeler.

Everything is connected through my Audio Interface (scarlett 8i6 3rd gen) : Studio monitors, Headphone amps, Computer, Fractal FM3 Guitar modeler…

Just throwing this out there… I currently have the Lcd2 pre and run it balanced out of my Liquid platinum and occasionally for a change my Asgard 3… Both amps are really good with the 2 pre


OK…I am of the opinion that you really won’t see a huge increase in performance if you are using that DAC or audio interface. The RNHP should be able to drive the LCD-3 fine and I doubt you will find a better amp under that price point.

maybe use your dac by adding a switcher to your setup that way you can easily switch back and forth?


In agreement with hazi in the dac upgrade. I’m of the opinion that gear should scale some what linearly and at the level of the lcd3+ an amp like the tuba you’d probably see the biggest improvement in pairing with a nicer dac like the bifrost 2 or ares 2

That being said I liked my lcd 3 pref a lot with the liquid plat, great stage, lots of impact and slam. But i would think in terms of tier its similar to the tuba, not a step up. Although I’ve not heard the tuba and it would still have a differnet sound signature

My step up was the microzotl mz2 with the lps+ which I found to be an awesome upgrade. Improved the stage and spatial recreation, better instrument seperation, and more micro detail generally. I found both the plat and mz2 to pair well with the ares 2 and lcd 3


Did you get the LPS+ initially or upgrade later? I just got the MZ2 myself with the stock switching power supply and use it with the LCD-24. It sounds great, but it’s missing just a touch on the mid bass to lower mids, and a little low end impact compared to my V280. I read the LPS+ upgrade from the stock helps with that.

I got it with the lps+ so i’ve not heard the stock power supply. M0N suggested the lps specifically because i was going to be running the lcd3. I’ve not heard the v280 but i’d think even with the lps it would still have a bit better impact and low end than the mz2 just due to it being a higher end solid state. Where I personally think the mz2 shines is in its staging and separation


I have the LCD-3 and use a Schiit Lyr and have rolled in Reflektor '74 6N23P SWGP Silver Shields tubes. They have been a great match to waken up a sound profile that can be a bit too dark. I’ve tried them on about 4-5 other Amps and this was the best match for me. Keep in mind I have the 3F ( for some reason I thought all LCD-3s were Fazor’d) so cannot comment on Non Fazor.

Agree for sure. Those qualities rival the V280, IMO, in the short time I’ve spent with it so far.

So, I’ll be going with the Lynx Hilo as my DAC. This will replace my M500 and 8i6 in my current chain.

The next step will be to find that sweet amplifier for my LCD-3

@M0N, what are the best candidates, you have to propose? :slight_smile:

Dang lol, that would be pretty great

So would you be looking for something that would lean them more neutral, warmer and relaxed, or a bit brighter and more lively?

Dammm, good question!

I guess I’ll have to wait and see how the RNHP fairs with the LCD-3.
But from my understanding: the LCD-3 are lush, liquidy… so I want to get the best of that.

In that case, I like the violectric v280, auralic taurus mkii, or potentially the newer burson soloist 3xp would be pretty solid imo. Also just to check you are going for a pre fazor right? The lta mz2 + lps+ or the hafler ha75 are good tube options in the range too imo. Regarding the violectric and hafler also that would be something that I think would make the lcd 3 more studio friendly while still emphasizing what the lcd 3 is good at

Pre fazor, yes.

Mint pair from 2011.

Niceeee, then the amps I mentioned above would be pretty solid. The taurus mkii is going to be the more relaxed choice, warmer, smoother, organic but with good control, very nice. The burson will have a similar signature but more energetic and in your face about it. The violectric is going to be neutral with a bit of extra smoothness and width that’s pretty nice to have, the hafler is going to be a bit more organic sounding but looses the control that the v280 has (but still good control there). The mz2 with the lps upgrade is going to be a more fun option, really organic and gives the 3 better imaging and separation almost, also pretty spacious, but you trade a tad of impact

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You make me want to have them all!! lol

How would they compared, or do, that the RNHP doesn’t?

Singxer Sda 2 C or Questyle cma 400i.
When would not a Dac amp,maybe the Schiit Asgard 3,

Haha…rattled off 3 of my 4 amps there with the V280, HA75, and MZ2. Gonna look to go with that LPS+ upgrade for the MZ2 sometime soon.