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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: No
  • Open Back

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Z Reviews (Although this is the EVO version)


First! :slight_smile:

Also I have managed to EQ these headphones so that they actually sound enjoyable and not like pain (at least to me)

Dude I can’t believe my ears they actually sound enjoyable now!

The frequencies for the EQ are 4350 -5db, 5k -5db, 12500 -6db 13500 -6db the rest is default I think.

Will update the EQ in the future if I can improve it !

Oh and here’s the FR graph for the 681:

Edit: forget about it these headphones are unfixable

Hey there, I’m currently running an audio setup with the Grace SDAC and JDS Labs Atom amplifier into several different headphones: Sennheiser HD 6XX, DT 770 Pro, SHP9500…

I just can’t get over these HD681 EVOs. They’re built cheaply but I keep coming back to them: I love the meaty, fun bass. I mostly listen to rock/metal and I can’t get over how good they sound in this setup. They don’t hold a candle to the mids from the 6XXs or the clarity of the 770s but the bass/low end is really exaggerated which I enjoy while listening to this genre.

I’m relatively new to the headphone community - what is it about them that I like so much? Would this be a “V” sound signature? What would be a higher-end set of cans that emulate this sound signature while having a better build quality?

@M0N I feel like this is something maybe you’d know? :slight_smile:

So you are looking for a higher end v shaped? What price range are you looking for?

I wasn’t sure if you’d actually heard these cans before - but yeah something about the bass is just, awesome and fun. I can’t put my finger on it but I don’t know enough about sound signatures to know what exactly it is I hear in them.

I would be willing to spend $200-400 for this type of fun bass response in a higher-quality headphone. As Z said in the video, they’re cheaply made. I really can’t understand how they managed to get such a good sound out of such cheaply built headphones.

I’ve heard them before but it’s been a while, but I do get what you are saying. Perhaps consider something like the fostex x00 purpleheart or audioquest nighthawk carbon with the suede pads if you want good bass imo, biodynamic bass is pretty awesome. The x00 ph don’t have the best build and comfort but they do sound pretty great, intimate, punchy, impactful, and really enjoyable imo. The hawks have much better build and comfort, are wider and also still have great bass but not as elevated as the x00 ph, still good though

I’ll check them out - thanks for your recommendation!

Oh God - the TR-X00’s were discontinued weren’t they?

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Same as the Nighthawks lol, you will want to look used

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It seems that for the x00, there aren’t many purple heart on the market atm, but there are some mahogany versions, which imo aren’t as high preforming as the pH or ebony but are still pretty good

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Yeah I don’t really see anything either - I will keep an eye out though…

There is a ph on bidding but it might go too high

I do see a carbon for an ok price, perhaps you could message him and get it down to 250

There is a bidding as well but that one might go for a bit much

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I can personally vouch for the Nighthawk Carbon. They are my favorite headphones ever. Super unique sound and presentation. They have a sort of 3D imaging effect to them, where it almost sounds like speakers or you are in a large club or auditorium. Once I tried the suede pads on them I was absolutely in love.
Oh yeah and the bass is awesome.

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Thanks for the reply - I was just about to ask if you had to pick one, which would it be.

Would you pay $250-280 for a used pair of Nighthawks?

I think over 300 it’s a no go, 280 is fair but he could go a bit lower, 250 is good, they are starting to get scarce and also hard to find so the price will naturally go up (just like the x00)

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I think these might be my version of the HarmonicDyne Helios for @Antpage2 lol. Every now and then I’ll just grab these and listen to some rock and I’m always blown away at how much I enjoy the sound signature. The build quality is super cheap but this is easily the 2nd best headphone under $50 for me (kph30i at #1).

I love how everybody just dumps on the Helios having not heard it. The Helios is a unique headphone and has fantastic sound. The Superlux HD681 Is a nice headphone. especially for the price. but has issues