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This is the official thread for the SVS Ultra. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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  • A+ Build Quality

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I was just going to make this thread and you beat me to it. I love these. Like one of my favorite speakers ever, and can’t wait to get the towers in.

Huh, wasn’t expecting that. I like my ultras on a desk, really nice looking and sounding imo. It’s just that you’d think that a speaker made by SVS would have good subbass. The rp600m has more subbass then these. But a good bookshelf system should have a sub anyway. Currently using the sb2000 with these

I wonder what prompted Zeos to go and make this thread. When was the last time he talked about these?

I have these sitting in my office connected to a Rega Brio. The speaker and amp are overkill for a office setup, so I wouldn’t recommend them for that. When I move to a new place, I plan to put them in a dedicated listening space. Sound-wise, I honestly haven’t been that impressed. But I’m sure my terrible room acoustics have really hurt their potential. Applying an EQ did make a significant improvement. But I’m still not getting the clarity/detail I’d expect from $1,000 speakers.

I feel that they should be more appropriately priced at around $700 or a little lower. The room makes a difference with these, and I like them better for nearfield. I use them with a nad d3045.

I really like my dynaudio special 40 for living room listening, I much prefer that for room listening, but the ultra still suits my needs on a desk

We’re bringing them to RMAF that’s why this thread popped up now.