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This is the official thread for the SVS Ultra. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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I was just going to make this thread and you beat me to it. I love these. Like one of my favorite speakers ever, and can’t wait to get the towers in.

Huh, wasn’t expecting that. I like my ultras on a desk, really nice looking and sounding imo. It’s just that you’d think that a speaker made by SVS would have good subbass. The rp600m has more subbass then these. But a good bookshelf system should have a sub anyway. Currently using the sb2000 with these

I wonder what prompted Zeos to go and make this thread. When was the last time he talked about these?

I have these sitting in my office connected to a Rega Brio. The speaker and amp are overkill for a office setup, so I wouldn’t recommend them for that. When I move to a new place, I plan to put them in a dedicated listening space. Sound-wise, I honestly haven’t been that impressed. But I’m sure my terrible room acoustics have really hurt their potential. Applying an EQ did make a significant improvement. But I’m still not getting the clarity/detail I’d expect from $1,000 speakers.

I feel that they should be more appropriately priced at around $700 or a little lower. The room makes a difference with these, and I like them better for nearfield. I use them with a nad d3045.

I really like my dynaudio special 40 for living room listening, I much prefer that for room listening, but the ultra still suits my needs on a desk

We’re bringing them to RMAF that’s why this thread popped up now.

so i`ve got a pair of these and i love them but im scared of turning the volume up.
i am running them on a Crown xls1002 crosed over at 70hz and the gain is set to about nine o clock
how mutch power do you run to yours? any Suggestions on how high to set the gain?

You can really push these pretty loud as long as your crossover is set correctly (70hz is just fine)

Regarding the gain, just set it to where you have a decent volume range but still headroom for quiet tracks

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