⭕ Swan D300 Speakers

This is the Official post discussing the Swan D300 Speakers. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Self-Powered
  • Digital Inputs
  • Bluetooth
  • Balance Inputs
  • Remote Control

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Pft better not be the stock debacle that was the D1090’s ^^

Mine will be here on monday!

Got a nice finish premium yet rugged styling. Like the gold feet.

As of this second… They are in stock…



Oh man! I’ve been waiting to see more details on these! They look intriguing and nobody is talking about them…

I have had mine for a few days now. At first, impressive but the more I listen to them I find the base is bumped and lacking texture. They may need more breakin. The highs are ok and the midrange is still a question mark for me.

I am considering the Swan M5A’s. Does anyone know about them? Are they good?


If you have the money buy the M5A’s, they are amazing! @ZeosPantera tell them to send you a set to review, you just sold out there d300’s Im sure you have their attention, if in some bold attempt to turn a profit they would make more than 20 of each speaker that would be great… Mine are the most beautiful sounding/looking powered speaker I have ever seen or had. Get the M5A’s while you can… who know how long it will be before they are back in stock.

Thank you. They are suppose to get here Monday.

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I just got my D300s on Monday and I’m doing a break in. These are my first pair of powered speakers.
I’m currently using the Bluetooth connection for the break in. What’s the best sounding connection for the best sound? Thanks!

Typically USB/Optical/Coax

From a DAC?

No, the D300 has both Optical and Coax inputs, therefore it has its own DAC built in. If you have Optical on your motherboard or TV, then it’ll bypass the onboard sound and send the digital signal directly to the D300s.

Thanks DDT. I’m going to use it in my bedroom and listen to music. I listen via an iPad or LGV30+. How do I connect them for the best sound?

Bluetooth is gonna be your best bet rather than messing with Lightning/USB-C dongles and USB to Optical adapters. Just be sure to max out the volume on the source and adjust volume with the D300 remote.

Do you know if the D300s be able to use LDAC from the LG 30+?

Yes, if you use RCA cables (or in this case, 3.5mm to RCA). Bluetooth is a digital signal, so it would bypass it.

Thanks DDT. This you are very helpful.

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