Swans M5A WI-FI?

Is anyone having problems trying to connect this speaker to the internet? It was driving me insane. Suddenly it worked this morning. About a week ago I learned that I could stream local music files via WIFI to my M5A speakers. I had a sigh of relief. I used a program call Legacy Player on Google Play Store to do so. Yet, I could not connect my speakers to the internet. A friend told me I needed a new router. No luck there either. This morning I put my phone behind a static IP outside of the DHCP range. Then I connected the Swans SSID. To my Surprise it worked. I am not sure why its working. It is just odd to me.

Also Is there a player app specifically for the speakers?"

I don’t have the M5A, but I have seen a Swans app on their site for a subwoofer, so there is SOMETHING.
I suggest contacting Swan

Its possible M5As just picked up the first IP they could get and only use / remember that one, what they received first. i do not believe they are very smart… If something changes and the address was already taken by other device, no bueno.
It’s also possible the network you run was out off addresses.
Pretty hard to diagnose since no real data available what the setup is or what the speakers are doing.

You could just nail or lock the swans to a specific address. Then no other device can have it swans always have it.

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perhaps someone here could help

Thank you all for the replies. I’m glad its working. I’ll continue to use Legacy Player for now. I just wish Amazon Music was compatible with it. I might switch to Qobuz.