T51BW Project - Beyerdynamic T51p

I bought few days ago a cheap pair of Beyerdynamic T51p for $40. They were recabled but also they are pretty old, first bought in 2014. Throughout this time I can see they’ve been heavily used that’s why I thought it’ll be a good idea to make something nice out of them. A Project called T51BW (which stands for both Black White and BitWolf for curious bois). Here are primary targets:

  • Not going to touch drivers. Theeeeeze are t E s L a .
  • Construction is perfectly fine but also it’s all scratched up, I want to make it look good.
  • Cups are also metal and they are the most scratched part of all. Also their color differ from other metal parts. It’s little… yellowed? beige? Don’t kno.
    I want to paint it black and put a white logo on them. It’ll be either Beyerdynamic minimalistic one or sth else like Chibi Hatsune Miku <3
  • Other metal parts will either be silver or white, not decided about that yet.
  • Cables even if they are recabled have to go. There’ll be two sockets or one. This is one of rare examples where making one socket will be more difficult that two because there’s no way to connect two cups without exposed wires unless I’ll use DT1350 parts. On the other hand dual cable allows for making them balanced which is also a factor to consider.
  • Pads are torn a little bit. Looking for a replacement. 63mm round pads. Good thing is that they are only held by double-sided tape, so I can experiment.

I think that’s all for now. Of course this is like the best case scenario here what I’ve just described cuz main problems here are making sockets and painting aluminium. I’ll keep you updated if there’ll be any progress.


Polishing paste and a Dremel or elbow grease go a long way on bare metal parts.

Nylon brushes also work wonders to get dirt from the cracks.

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