Tanchjim Impressions Thread

Hello Friends,

I couldn’t find any threads for Tanchjim in the forum. It is one of my favourite brands from the Chi-Fi industry(basically because they implement single dd very nicely). Tanchjim Oxygen, Hana are some of my favourites with them. And now I have recently got the Tanchjim 4U. Here’s a picture of the beauty.

What are your favourites from Tanchjim?


Mine was Hana 2021, hope they did good with this iem, I might be getting my unit soon.


Good Work has been done here

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Summary of 4U bass modes:

Atmosphere offers a wide, colored sound
Pop focuses on mid-range for vocal emphasis; Natural provides a balanced sound similar to Tanchjim Origin
Monitoring offers flat, transparent sound for accuracy.

Overall, the Tanchjim 4U is moderately bright and analytical but there’s some fun factor.


No oxygen v2😭… My personal fav. Hana21 with double filter had crazy good dd bass until ea1000

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Funny, but I use the Hana 2021 for its soundstage and tuning for classical… I much prefer the Kato’s bass for rock and EDM, with its balanced sub and mid-bass. It is nice that we have so many options to address our musical tastes.


This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about Hana’s bass performance with double filter. Makes me want to try it. Can you let me know how to go about adding the double filter?

:sweat_smile: just use another filter that comes with hana on top of the existing filter on the nozzle, same as olina.

I’ve heard kato countless times in the meetups. Never got 1 myself (mostly due to o2 & hana). Dope iem

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Oh cool!! Let me try that!!

Not Oxygen level - but it resembles Oxygen.

Other than olina nothing really touches oxygen, O2 2018 being the best oxygen, later revisions increased the bass. Origin can be a good alt. Haven’t tried it though.

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The one I use regularly is the Tanchjim One DSP. They are my goto when I am out running errands. The app lets you tune them and the mic sounds pretty good.

I have both an Olina and an Olina SE, which are the same driver as the Oxygen, but with a better nozzle for most folks, and slightly better tuning.

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Olina sounds a bit meatier than Natural mode. But the Bass boost screw is amazing to take it a bit closer to Olina.

Olina was above $100 if I’m not mistaken. It had slightly better tonal balance compared to 4U

In my country I got it for 9K INR when launched. Saw some company is using same shells in a new IEM.

I don’t have Olina se. only Olina, I didn’t have the moisture issue. And endged up tracking a 2018 o2.

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i’m not getting 4u since I don’t have use for it

I know that many folks loved those older O2 and the later Hana.

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The moisture issue was real on the Olina SE. I had to clean it up and let it dry everytime I fell asleep wearing them.