🔶 TANGZU x HBB Wu Heyday

This is the official thread for the TANGZU Wu Heyday

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Amp needed: No but Better With
  • 14.5mm Planar
  • Detachable 3-in-1 Silver Plated Cable

:red_circle: Linsoul Link


Z Reviews…



Placed my order yesterday. Can’t wait until non reviewer sets start arriving and early impressions start rolling in.


I don’t need it… I don’t need it… I’ll probably order as soon as they go on sale since I missed the $20 off


I’m eager to hear the resolution on this thing. The Hook did few things very well but it fell short on one of the big pros of planars - resolving ability.

I’m very happy they went with a more neutral running with quite even treble response. Should sound natural!


You can dance to these…


Linsoul now shipping yeah!

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Not mine yet :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Just arrived in the mail! Impressions to follow soon after dinner and grocery shopping!


You went on a shopping spree :stuck_out_tongue: looking forward to your impressions!

Sorry, yeah. Though I promise arriving on the same day was a complete coincidence! :sweat_smile:

While waiting for the GF I was able to put them in my ears for a second. Super initial impressions are WOW!! :scream:


Ok. Had quite a bit of time with them now and was able to compare against Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk and 64 Audio U12t.

After comparing, in my opinion, these (Heyday) are where diminishing returns start. And that it so say this is the only time I’ve found myself thinking “these are only a couple hundred bucks??” Since the Sennheiser HD6XX many many years ago.

I’ll also go out on a limb and say these have the most “correct” treble tonality I’ve heard on an IEM. I’m sure HBB took a ton of time to tune just that and it shows!! Extremely impressive stuff! :+1::+1:

These are extremely easy to drive and honestly can be driven fine using practically anything remotely audio capable. Did the Nintendo Switch test and there was zero hissing. Plugged them into my ancient digital piano and there was very very minimal hissing.

They EQ very well which is one thing I’d heard about planar IEMs and was hoping for. So can make your own bass bump probably pretty much however loud you want though I stopped at 10 db. :muscle:

Honestly not a fan of the cable. While it’s modular, which is nice, it’s heavy which is not so nice. :pensive:

Other than that I really have nothing negative to say. I hope everyone else enjoys this IEM as much as I am! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Pulled the trigger on these puppies since my Timeless fell apart (again) after a rough journey. Love the look and the functional travel case. Let’s go :open_hands:


Compared to the OG Zetian. Apparently the old one is much preferred. More immersive, open and with better mid detail.

Idk what to think. I’ll make my own mind up soon enough.

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I would love to read a short breakdown of the differences you hear between the two and which you prefer. I wasn’t a big fan of the OG’s relative warmth for a planar so I stuck with my S12s, but I’m always willing to try something new if it appeals to me and thus far I have read some good comments that make me think the Heyday would be more my style than the OG.

Could be due to the shallower dip around 10k :thinking:According to Michael Bruce cutting a few db (high Q value) around this region can give the impression of a larger stage.

I am not quite sure if that is how it works, I don’t want to discredit anyone but the treble is pretty much the same as OG WU, there was no ton of time needed to keep that as it was :grin:

Zeos was talking about how this is usually going, he just tells the company do this and do that and their own tuner does the work and sends a sample to the reviewer to verify.

I also took “a ton of time” and added a -3,5db Subbass shelf to OG WU the other day and got the idea what heyday is about.
Just a little less bass and everything feels more open and clear, that’s no magic and also not because of the new updated driver… I highly doubt that!

For me the question is, is the metal shell and a different cable worth 65$ Dollars more?

If I could choose I would probably go with all metal shell but with OG tuning but the really light shell does not bother me at all… It’s one of the most comfortable IEMs

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Thanks for clarification! As said, I really did not mean to discredit you, in the end I just assumed what turned out to be wrong in your case and wish good luck with sales I am sure it will be a hit! :slight_smile:
All these collabs everywhere, not only yours, just leave that sort of impression which is hard to get rid of sometimes.

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There is defnitely some “hey just add this and minus that” going on and Z does that.
He is open about it though.

I actually enjoy yanking drivers and stuff.

The Olina is a Mele shell that needed a wider nozzle
then the driver seat was re milled
I’m glad it was popular cuz a lot of work went into a 02 clone.

End of day it is all opinions about SQ and folks enjoy what they enjoy. Peace to all.
TANGZU maybe wished I just said hey…lift this cut tha…make it happen :sweat_smile:
Woulda come out long ago and not been beaten to market :melting_face: