The best IEM $300 and below?

I currently don’t own a good pair of IEM’s but want one, but I do own some high end Headphones like the ZMF Aeolus.
What would be the best pair of IEM’s with a detachable cable for $300 or less?

Been researching this like crazy and the Moondrop Starfields seem to be a good option.

There really isn’t a definitive best tbh, it really depends on what sound you prefer. What type of sound are you going for?

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That is the problem, I’m not sure, especially with IEM’s. I love mids and bass, but also love great vocal clarity and soundstage, the problem is, there isn’t something with all of this at the same time that I can find.

Hmmmm, actually the Drop + JVC HA-FDX1 sounds up your alley. It’s got very nice midrange and natural bass, with good clarity and a reasonably spacious sound for an iem. Also you can tune it with the different filters available. Perhaps something to look into

I think the moondrop blessing could potentially also be a good pick, but I don’t think it has as much emotion as the jvc

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You need the AZLA Horizon. Get these and tell us all about 'em!

From what I have seen that might have some boosted bass that could impede on the slightly recessed mids, not that ideal for someone looking for good midrange. But I haven’t heard it yet myself so I can’t say much

That is what I have heard as well.

Truth be told, I was just reading about the full AZLA line-up and posted the page that I was just on. I’m personally looking at the Horizon and 01R if anyone cares. :stuck_out_tongue:

But for you, how about the LZ A6’s?

Ah I heard the A6 recently, it was pretty neat, I didn’t get to try all the filters though. The upper midrange/treble was a bit wonky but it was pretty nice

I have also been trying to see what is the step up from the Tim T2’s? Heard those before and like them.

Logically it would be the t4, but honestly I don’t know if I can recommend them for the price, I would rather suggest the starfields instead from my experience. The starfields are a bit less bright but still relatively neutral and smoother, so not really harsh.

Do you own the Starfields or have you heard them? Just wondering if they are a step up from the T2’s or if they are worth it as well.

I heard them at canjam actually for a bit, was impressed. They do sound pretty close to the kxxs but cheaper, which I enjoyed those as well. I would personally say they are a step up from the t2

don’t forget to leave money for an amp :3

I have the THX AAA 887, but will probably use any IEM on my phone primarily.

The iems mentioned should run just fine off of a phone, but in the future you could get more out of them with a portable dac/amp

I agree with that statement, but when it becomes available again the only thing I will use with my IEM’s will be the FiiO UTWS1. As I prefer just being able to take therm anywhere.

Gotcha, you should be fine then. I haven’t tried the jvc over the ear style, that should be fine

Anyone tried the Ikko OH10, hearing good things about them.

It’s pretty nice, a solid v shaped iem. I liked the sound of mine, but the weight of them made them uncomfortable for me over time