The DEALS thread

That liquid platinum is really tempting… :thinking:

I currently have the bifrost 2 running balanced to a burson soloist, might be cool to be able to switch between the soloist and the LP


The Monolith M1570c is now back in stock at like $180 in stock limited quantity and they sold out fast when they went out of sale earlier

Might have happened already, showing 210 and out of stock for me.

I bought it again today.

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Super tempted to pull the trigger on Fan 2 :see_no_evil:

My ear is so satisfied with my EJ, P1 Max and Meteor however it’s also curious how good Fan 2 is. Right now it is spoiled with Giant Panda and Meteor’s treble extension and quantity.

If you don’t feel safe buying from eBay, Target has the Monoprice Liquid Platinum for $288 as well.

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There’s some pretty good xduoo deals on Apos, Linsoul, and Shenzenaudio

Would be curious how xduoo and Monoprice tube amps compare

if anyone hasn’t at least looked at the Ebay listing I suggest you do :wink:


daaamn. what a bad time to be poor! LoL!


There are some nice deals on HifiGo on Letshuoer S12/Z12. The Topping gears are also on sale.

coupon roulette is back



Coupon code for 20% off in stock DCX key caps, I don’t need it if someone wants it.

coupons are bound to the account that got them

I just got the 150SENSE75 for $150 off a Sense75 keyboard, I don’t think I’d actually buy one but for some reason it says

I’m not combining it with any other codes or anything. Good thing I was just testing things out, hope it works for everyone who’s actually trying to buy this keyboard.

EDIT: Ok refreshed 20 minutes later and it did work. Shop away! I am putting together a keyboard from odds and ends and scrap wood in my garage, should be done soon, and is enough for me to have stopped keyboard shopping. It’s a rabbit hole I did delve (back) into a couple months back, so you can expect sales threads on all that stuff soon.

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Drop is probably like, OMG, WE GAVE SOMETHING GOOD AWAY, void void void!!!

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I think $200 is what MSRP of that board should be lol might’ve snagged one for $150

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Nice, I did get some free(well, ok, free with overpriced shipping) keycaps last time so I’ll be checking it out. I think few people also got free Hifiman R7DX, and with how much of a hard time they seem to be having selling those I bet it will be possible again.


7hz timeless for 136 dollar with coupon
The coupon code: AN9
Great price!!!


why would I steal the price? what could I apply that price too? :wink: