The DEALS thread

It may be a scam another user bought the Isabella and then the listing was deleted. Interesting though cause the account is from 2009. I’m holding payment as of now and seeing if they’ll send me a G&S transaction. It could be a compromised account or scammer themselves and they’ve got through the weeds up until the new 2FA.


Be careful out there


Doing business on Head-Fi’s classified or with Penon…

Gotta be safe y’all :smile:


The current stuff available for a good deal:

SMSL PO100 AK AK4493S MQA DAC $62.99 or 15 percent coupon for a new one

Topping A30 Pro (black) Used like new $179

Topping D30 Pro (black) used $200 discontinued and new prices on ebay for these have jumped for remaining inventory.

Topping L30II $126 if you have IEM’s get one of these, they are kingpin for silent noise floor.

Topping DX5 $233

A few places to mention if you want to do some bargain hunting:

Best Buy clearance center is worth checking sometimes, it’s got a local search to find yours

Crutchfield has one also

Sennheiser Outlet has their warranty on stuff

Drop Refurbished has more stuff after a sale or holiday with returns, not much currently

Rtings has the stuff they do reviews on

Audio Mart has some things worth getting sometimes

Creative Labs if you need a G6 with warranty for $79 with shipping, they’re back in stock


IE900 for a little over $600:

First Penon Impact I’ve seen in the wild!

4EST + 10BA and no DD…

When some says "that sounds just the same as a "DD” and not…”you wouldn’t believe that’s a BA” until then…

Sorry and I’m listening to the Who on my Z1R’s :smile:


I’m in the same boat as you, figuratively speaking of course.


Many characters…:joy::raised_hands:

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I’m not saying the Blessing 1 is known for great tuning, but it’s very rare, and I’ve especially never seen one this color (usually they’re off-white and look like big teeth)

Do note that it’s a brand new eBay account though - though these images are original as far as I know!


Does it still compete at this price? Don’t ask me, but lower than usual;m:


Haha I almost want to buy it again for the price even though I know it won’t get a lot of use.

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Seems decent, but perhaps a little steep in the current market (especially considering that M’s and KL’s go for less, so you’re basically paying for the tuning)

From my overall reading of different forums, it seems people do pay for its specific tuning, with the M’s being a little more hit or miss, and the KLs not being all that popular.

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It all depends; I preferred both the M and KL, but others hold the OG sacred.

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Right, it’s the “holding it sacred” part that makes me think people will pay for it at this lower-than-usual price, even if they could afford the other models for less.

Maestro Mini with mesh and a couple weeks old for $350 please someone go ahead and do what’s right.

And for the love of peace buy this $75 xCan while you’re at it:


Yes someone but the xCAN that’s a hell of a deal and an awesome little device. Absolutely love mine.

Love my maestro minis!!!

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