The DEALS thread

Here’s some good ones this week. None of the eBay listings are mine. Also Hifi-College really honors their warranty. If it’s Aoshida-US and they ship it, I’ve never had a problem. If Amazon ships it and it’s used, they just tell you to send it back and don’t replace it. SMSL store stuff always works with no problem also. On Ebay it’s the usual, check seller feedback and make sure it’s not a brand new account with a price that’s too good to be true. Starting with the Topping stuff since I’m currently listening to an original A90/D90 stack, still the best thing I’ve heard. I buy about $5,000 a month in audio equipment, but not enough time and space for everything. Here’s stuff at the prices I usually pay:

Topping A90 Headphone Amplifier (black) $299 free shipping

Topping A90 Discrete $450 Used Good 1 year warranty

Topping PRE90 Preamplifier $420 used - good 1 yr warranty

Topping D90LE $600 used good 1 yr warranty

SMSL C200 Amp/DAC used (but from the SMSL Store) $125

SMSL DL200 $145 used (from SMSL store) cheapest 5 volt DAC on the market

SMSL M500 MKII $243 used like new condition

TOPPING DX3Pro+ Used very good $115

Topping E70 Velvet AK4499EX DAC $380 used like new (Hifi College so 1 year warranty)

Topping G5 Portable NFCA Headphone Amplifier DAC $220 used very good, 1 yr warranty

SMSL DO200 MKII MQA DAC $259 Used very good

Gustard A26 MQA DAC 2xAK4499EX $1124 Good condition

solid headset from what I remember reviewers saying

Shozy Form 1.4 for $70, somebody do the right thing:


Not a different price to new, but sold out new. Dita back these for 10 years so that assuages some risk:

If I had infinite funds, it would be a curiosity buy for me. And check out that case!


Someone buy these so I can stop feeling sorry for my self.

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Possibly the first pair I’ve seen go up on the 2nd hand market.


Would have thought that would sell immediately!

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I wonder how low it will go :thinking:

It’s a great question. That’s one of those sets I am very intrigued by. I doubt there’s gonna be a demo at CanJam too so it’s even more interesting

Asked if he was looking for any trades and he is only looking for SR dte900. Hope all is well dom ,Loving your review so far that you’ve done🤙


I appreciate all that love and support, my man, thank you! I hope all is well on your end as well :handshake:


Here’s the ones for this weekend. All are used, (in the right column for Amazon listings).

Topping A30 Pro NFCA Headphone Amplifier

SMSL DL200 amp/ 5 volt DAC $153

Douk Audio U5 Headphone Amps, Mini Fully Balanced Amplifier

Topping A90D Discrete amplifier

SMSL AO200MKII HiFi Power Amplifier $161

Topping DX9 DAC NFCA Headphone amp - AK4499EQ

Topping E70 Velvet AK4499EX $377

Topping D90LE DAC ES9038PRO $600

Topping D70PRO Sabre DAC ES9039SPRO $594

SMSL C200 Balanced Headphone Amplifier/DAC $125

Topping D70 Pro OCTO DAC $450

Topping MX3s Amplifier

Sennheiser HD 450BT Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone $78

FiiO FH3 IEM $69

Topping G5 Portable NFCA Headphone Amplifier DAC $220

Moondrop KATO $151

Sony IER-M9 in-Ear Monitor $799

TOPPING A70 Pro Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifie $424

Soundblaster G6 $69 112 SINAD and USB powered

Soundblaster AE-9 $214 in direct DAC mode the 9038Pro sounds really good. Rarely do they have these in stock.

The cool Pioneer set have had a $50 price drop and now come with UTWS3 too.