The Stoner music lounge

Been getting into this lately so I thought I’d map my discovery as it’s kinda new to me…


My first thought was “Chill”, so I put something similar here: Chill out music - #55 by abm0

Only their “lizard” albums are in this style, other albums are more hardcore/aggressive.

I also liked this one track off some other album:


what is a good iem to listen to this type of music?

Kinda is but I think it has it’s own spin on it :man_shrugging:

I can’t imagine any IEM has the “galactic” soundstage I would find appropriate for this music, but I don’t really know since I don’t use IEMs. Only have a pair of Jabra Elite 65t because I wanted socially acceptable looking “earplugs” for noisy situations, and 75% of the time I’m wearing them I don’t actually turn them on. :grin:

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I’ve mostly been using Z1R and Serratus and enjoy both tbh.

@abm0 one of my fav “Chill” albums could also be classed as stoner I guess…

okay. but both way and way beyond my humble means. :pensive:

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Gotcha I think it helps (hard I know for an iem) if the transducer offers a good soundstage…there’s a lot of electronic’er going on (no vocals etc) so timbre isn’t gonna be a make of break, so a V shaped set should be good @nymz @GooberBM @VIVIDICI_111 any help here guys for a budget set for this type music? :beers:

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Yes, I cant listen rn but Ill check later.

Also, what budget?

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@ASD Serratus is $200USD and above your budget. What do you have to spend? Need to know the budget before I can suggest anything

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Don´t know if this checks the boxes for you but thats some heavier stoner sound right there :slight_smile:
“The band’s distinctive sound has been carefully crafted since its inception in 2007, resulting in a mix that stretches from heavy psych to stoner grunge”


Gnome is also worth checking out and quite entertaining to watch :smiley:

“Gnome packs a bigger punch than their name suggests: combining irresistible hooks and thundering guitars, drums and bass with adventurous twists, they brew their unique and ultimately satisfying potion of stoner, prog and hardrock.”

An epic stoner album which I had on vinyl :peace_symbol:

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That’s dope :sunglasses:

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hello GBM
jd7 all the way. Credit is all yours.
But this music seems kinda lean on it though clarity/resolution is wow.
Serratus not available here in India. Recently they listed SR5 and JUZEAR 41T.
YOu rock.

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Thank you for reaching out nymz.It is an Honour.

SR5 would be more like JD7 so I dunno if it’ll be too lean but it likely won’t be exactly what you’re looking for wither

thank you GBM. (as ALWAYS)