The "Too good for the price" list

I bought it early before this forum lol

I have a tempotec sonata hd. It sounds pretty nice but the build quality is shit. First one I had to return because just tapping the touch screen on my phone was enough to disconnect it. The replacement is better, but it still disconnects very easily, whether plugged into my phone on the move or plugged into my laptop at home. Cant complain too much since it was only $40, but looks like it’s gone up to $60 now. I would personally just get the apple dongle if I wanted something cheap for mobile use.

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moondrop nameless? they sound great for the price.

I would add DT770 to the list, but only if you eq it. otherwhise terrible treble spike…

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add the sivga phoenix. best build quality for the price with the best bass in this price range and very good midrange + treble. also easy to drive and very fun headphones.

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At what price does the Liquid Platinum belong on this list? I bought it for $485 and thought it was steal. At $400 like it is now I say it definitely goes on this list. If you’re among those who got it for $293 a few days ago, it’s presence here is academic.


I know it’s still a great deal at $400 but knowing it’s capable of dropping to <$300 is making me hold out for it since I don’t really “need” it right now lol

Added to the list. :slight_smile:

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At this point I think the Porta Pro could be on there, probably alongside the KPH30i. At least in the US, the Porta Pro has dropped to $35 for months now. At $50 it’s not really “too good for the price” since the KPP30i exists, but for $5 more, it’s a bit of a wash imo. Unfortunately it still seems to be around $50 on Amazon for those outside the US.

Got mine for $20 on prime day, and I found it tonally similar to the KPH30i with different pros/cons in the physical design. I’d argue the PP is slightly sturdier. I noticed the KPH30i is a bit weak around the headband adjustment point. Seen/hear about several people breaking their KPH30i there.

while for the sound they provide I dont consider them too good for the price but the build quality they offer , comfort. and when they do go on sale they are quite some of the best value you can find the akg k52,72 , and 92 should be something for us to start considering.


Love the look of the K92, I’m a sucker for open-back AKGs. These are often new/ob in seconday market for quite cheap, but I’ve still neve snagged a set.

I have a pair of k52’s I have laying around I cannibalized their pads for my k240 and basically made the most comfortable pair of headphones I have ever used

This fits here I think. :slight_smile:


I just want to add something here.

The amount of fun you can have for “cheap” is so impressive, seriously. For damn sure the Monoprice M650s are not “great” beryllium driver headphones (they’re the cheapest I found), Fostex T50RPs are not “great” planars (compared to hifimans, audezes, etc. – it’s a one inch by one inch planar square, these are full-sized planars), the FX Audio Tube-03 tube pre and 6J1P-EV tubes are not “great” tubes, and the SMSL sAp-1 is not a “great” class A amp… but… for ~100$ each, I guarantee you I can hear what the technology can do and enjoy it 100%.

And I now understand all your addictions. :grin:


Oh, and since then, I also have the SMSL Sanskrit 10th, and yes, it’s good. AKM chipset smoothness, bass has “authority” I never felt coming from my old AVR AKM dac. My review is also in the official thread. :large_blue_diamond: SMSL Sanskrit 10th MKII

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Easy Xduoo MT602 punches well above its weight

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Adam T5V: excellent small active speakers. Find a cheap dac with a volume control and you’ve got a great system for ~£400. Not dirt cheap but not crazily expensive either. (also Z is raving about the Swan D1090s so maybe they’re worth a look if they’re ever actually on sale).

Khadas Tone 2 Pro. Just bonkers for the money…

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I’ve always liked the look, particularly blinging gold K92.
However, I remember seeing some recent measurements that were a bit… crazy.
I know, I know - we don’t hear measurements some will say. But FR should matter to all.

the measurements make it more crazy than it seems. its nice bass forward not muddy sound with acceptable treble and detail. its actually pretty smooth as well and darker sounding than what the measurements say but treble is somewhat hard to measure