The worst headphone you've ever heard!

What are the 4xx like?

I’m the wrong one to ask as the 4xx are among the headphones I dislike the most. Tinny af to my ears.

I wonder if you got a bum pair? I don’t really think they are tinny if you power them correctly whatsoever

it’s funny…headphone measurements, just like ASR’s measurements on DAC’s n amps don’t always tell the full story. if Grado were really as bad as so many say…cause I’ve seen way more naysayers than those that espouse their grandeur, they wouldn’t still exist.

Well I imagine their sound works for some music, also some people like to be hurt by sound :man_shrugging:

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LOL! those sado-masochistic bastards! :wink:

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Their lack of bass made them a no go for me. As a drummer, I need some bass. They extend well but the quantity is severely lacking. Because of that I feel the upper mids and treble are unbalanced and I can hear more than I should be able to hear. Pad rolling didn’t cure that either, although the leather ori pads sounded better than stock to my ears.

I also will say that the 4xx were noticeably better than the 400i. I know they supposedly share the same drivers, but I noticed a big difference. The 400i had way more treble and were too cold for my liking.

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I’m surprised as the 400i actually has better bass extension lol. Also they sound super similar

I think it was the treble that bothered me the most. The lack of bass just made it more noticeable.

Speaking of Hifiman I genuinely hope they get their shit together with QC and build issues, since they are pretty damn good at making shit sound good, but not that good at making such shit last years xD

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Ah, very picky aren’t you (but that’s not a bad thing lol)

My most disliked headphone (that isn’t just some random shit) is the kph30i. The highs are way to recessed and feel like they don’t extend up past 15k at most. The bass is good in quantity but absolutely devoid of quality with no real sub bass. The lower mids are covered by the bass more often than not. The upper mids are ok but that’s basically 1/6 of the sound that I don’t find bad so overall they do nothing I like and almost everything I dislike. I can’t for the life of me figure out why some people can call these “end game” with a strait face.

Uneven treble is the death of me. Boosted treble is fine, it’s the peaks and where they lie that can ruin it for me.

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Honestly I don’t see how anyone can call something end game lol

I know HFM had QC issues in the past, but I haven’t heard any complaints about their latest stuff like the Sundara, Ananda or Arya. are there QC issues with those?

Surprisingly I found the sundara enjoyable. Considering how closely they sound like the 4xx/400i, I was extremely surprised.

Not really, the main issues are them screwing over the 5se and 6se. Sounded excellent from the first batch but now it seems they did something to the stuff floating around to make it sound like shite

yeah…seen a lot of talk on that. wonder what the real story is…

The sundara is very refined for it’s price and I really prefer it over something like a m570

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I mean I wouldn’t consider anything monoprice until they are able to actually make a headphone without issues

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