Thieaudio Ghost

Ghosts are on sale currently (10/11/23) for $86 as part of the Amazon Prime-Day sale.

I got a pair with the Brainwavz pads for just over $100.


this will be available only on Nov 14 on Linsoul.
Seems like a great deal… I’m still deliberating, I wasn’t planning on getting the Ghost, I’ve been back and forth between the Sivga Luan and the Harmonicdyne Zeus Elite but I’m thinking this is probably the better value for money, idk… I don’t have any open backs and I like the idea of getting a Luan but this is just so cheap

Resurrecting this thread to share my recent ghost experience.

I recently travelled interstate to visit family, i have a desktop setup at my parents home… any excuse to buy more gear… I usually take a set of cans from my collection with me, often from the budget end that i don’t give much head time to.

Well, this trip (somewhat serendipitously) i forgot to pack a set… now, could i have just used one of the 3 sets of IEMs i packed, sure… however… any excuse to buy more gear

I embarked on the forum and youtube research trawl; what was something that would likely sound different to other cans in my collection, but not too expensive incase i need to flip for a loss. Partly due to this thread, i landed on the Ghost.

Prime shipped they arrived overnight. About 2hrs in i cut out the THICC foam over the driver from the stock pads (cut as suggested but someone here; close to the edge of the pad as to allow reinsertion if required). A/B’d these with foam in and out, easily much better without the foam for my ears; more detail and attack without being too aggressive. Enjoyed them immensely for the 5 days i was away from home like this out of my very modest Topping DX1.

Back home and ran them through my various other sources/amps, all quite good and fun…there is just something about this can that i quite enjoy. They sound great out of anything i put them through. Keces S3, Zen Dac, Zen Can (bass button for fun times), ifi nano BL, Feliks Echo 2 (surprisingly nice with tubes, bit of extra space and syrup).

This is where things get interesting. I recently replaced the pads on my Argon Mk3’s… the old pads weren’t that bad so i had them stashed away… you can see where this is going. Slapped those big fat angled proteins on the Ghost and boy, its pretty fun! More space, more bass with the same attack and slam. Things do seem a little less airy up top, likely due to the increased bottom end or perhaps the angle.

If anyone here with the Ghost have these pads (or something similar) i say give it a go.


Ya, i have the same experience , didnt have Argons but i landed on the Brainwavz Angled hybrid pads, makes a world of difference with these headphones

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Hey welcome to HFGF :smiley: thank’s for you adding your thoughts :beers:

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On sale for $49.99 from Linsoul.

Click on three treasure chests while browsing and you may get a coupon code.


Thieaudio Ghost - $41.99 shipped. [Still on sale for $49.99.]
Brainwavz Oval Hybrid Angled Earpads - $23.82 shipped.
One week of burn in by leaving package unopened in car boot [Usonian: trunk] for a week while car is serviced and parked outside during global dealership platform outage and heatwave - $0.
Five days (114 hours) of burn in using 96 kHz 16 bit frequency sweep beyond the frequency capability of the device, pink noise, white noise, and chirps (impulse signal - linear and logarithmic) thanks to Audio Check, the home of The Ultimate Headphones (and Earphones) Test - $0.

I like it.

Thieaudio Phantom (modified) with NULLKEAI Replacement Thicken Earpads For Monolith M1060 Headphones Earmuff Cover Cushion Cups ($23.06 for three pairs) loitering in the background.