Thieaudio Ghost

Watch the Zeos’s review about them!Its all true what he said!I tried with the shure 1540 pads but not really!
I dint know yet for this the 109’s pads,but i cut it out the foam from the stock pads and its sounds to me as the 109 pro’s!!!


Interesting. :thinking: Did you actually compare them back to back with a pair of 109 Pros?

Anyone else on here have a pair of the Ghosts you’re willing to experiment with? I’d be interested to hear other’s impressions on this.

Edit: BTW, thanks for sharing, dude! :sunglasses:

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is this headphone one of the best currently? I’m not rich the last headphone i bought was the shp9500 its been with me for almost 6 years :skull: but I’m willing to spend a couple of hundreds

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I had the 109 pro’s for two month long!I sold them a couple days ago because i saving a zmf or for Ryan’s new planar!
And yes the ghost that good,so so similar!I bought this cause i missed the 109’s sound!Now i just missed the 109s looks and built but not the sound anymore!!The proof i had the 109s,iam not talking shit,just share my experiences!And your welcome :wink:!


I think its that good!Just cut out the the foam material the middle of the stock pads!Actually i dont feel i need the original 109 pro’s pads cause sound fckng great like the 109s!But i will find the way buy them because that comfort!I hope you can take your hands on the ghosts!You should not regret it!
And the dekoni suede beyers or shure sude pads can be also good choice if you want improve at least the comfort and maybe the sound too!


Interesting take, will be interesting to hear others opinions on this as well to make some comparisons and measurements

Here is an other review!
I listening these two back to back right now and i screaming always up because both are so fckng great and i glad to own them!

Why does this sort of thing appear on Amazon for about 3 minutes then disappear forever?

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Like the most of the ghost!!:ghost:

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Linsoul cheaper and quicker!
161$ and 4 days and its arrived!world wide works this i guess!

Linsoul v’s DD = the same I guess depending on the destination?

Sorry but i dont know what is dd?:sweat_smile:

I have this on order… I already own Athena of which I adore the Athena for the price it’s extremely nice personally highly encourage people to try that one if they can, I think I enjoy Athena more than Zeus it’s just the Zeus has a rather huge soundstage and is very fun/warm sounding


Found this where someone compared these two rather interesting frequency on the Ghost… Now obviously this is stock, so I am wondering, much like what Zeos has done that if you remove that extra foam and padding on the pads will it increase that treble similar to the 6xx


I’ve been waiting for more reviews on the Athena, if you get the ghost be interesting to see a comparison of the two.

Same here, i also ordered both, though neither one has arrived yet. Im very interested how both stack up to the my current collection - currently cant afford the 109 so Ghost will be very interesting if it is that close to 109

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Ghost more close to the 109 pro than you can ever imagine!

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Would you say the pad mod is an huge improvement?

I heard the ghost before the pad mods about a 2 minutes!Then i said okey its familiar sound!And i cut it out the foams!Detail come up and the sound little bit clearer! I let them burn about just a couple of hours!And i start listened again and again and so on ……with compare the hd600’s and t60 argons!And it was the same feeling when i did this with the meze against to those!And iam not even balanced yet with the ghost,meze audio just sent me a respond messege ,they will just release those 109 pro’s pads!So maybe more improvement with the sound later!I find that sure,when playing busy songs like metal,hard rock,drum and bass the ghost handle much better! 109,s was too sharp and quite unlistenable!

If you live in the US, otherwise not so much.