🔶 Thieaudio Phantom

This is the official thread for the Thieaudio Phantom

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp recommended: Yes
  • Open Back

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Would it be worth it to merge the original phantom thread with this one? It had so much information about it along with mods, etc.

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Ofc, lemme do that real quick

Edit: see below post

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Actually I will just link it and leave them alone to avoid anything bad happening, as I don’t want to mess anything up

Do they sell the fuzzy ear pads for other headphones? They look super comfy.

They do not. They dont even come with the phones anymore. Just 2 sets of velour pads. One perforated in the inside and the other 100% velour.

No but if you’re in the uk? I’ll happily send you my practical unused original 2 pairs foc :+1:

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You are ridiculously kind, but I am not. I’m in California.

No worries buddy worth a try though :+1:

Do you think they would wrap around the Fidelio X2 cups? Zeos had ZMF Ori pads around his X1s, which I think are ~100mm diameter. The cups on the Fidelio are ~90mm.

No sure?

Oof, those are big boys. The lip wouldn’t even touch the cups, sadly. How much would you want for them? I might still give them ago, I don’t mind taping them on.


They’re a tad late to the party

My brief thoughts on Phantom
Next time I’ll compare it with Verum 1 side by side. Which side you are on?

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Hi guys ! what combo do you think will benefit the phantoms the most ?
topping L30 + E30
Schiit Magnius + Modius

really enjoying the phantoms (have them over a year now)
thanks a lot !

I’ve tried neither, though both appear to be good choices, however thanks to a good deal from Linsoul my Phantom (which I purchased from them) is now powered by a balanced E1DA PowerDAC V2 and with a parametric EQ and other setting applied with the HPToy app, that’s the best it has ever sounded.

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I’ll be curious on that comparison. I like the Verum1 a whole lot. The sound of it at least… not so sure about the weird headband!