Thor Mjölnir IEM

Thread to discuss the Thor Mjölnir IEM.

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These are currently on drop if that interests anyone.

Considering picking these up on Drop, but there were some valid concerns brought up on the discussion over there like no two pin socket relief and no included accessories. There is also the lack of impressions from anyone outside of BGGAR.

I am looking for something with a weighty low end to complement the Starfield I own, I’m still on the fence about this one.


I was interested as well until I heard there’s one guy putting these together and he’s a hobbyist. They might be amazing but if something happens to them, kiss them goodbye. Going to put my money into something with more reputation.

Can you provide the source…I’d be interested in reading bout it/ him

per Linsoul:

About Thor
Thor was founded by a freelance engineer who has built up a sizable reputation in the DIY in-ear monitor community in China. Through close collaboration with local driver manufacturers, Thor has created the next-generation of large-sized beryllium diaphragm that is denser than those currently used on the market. With a vision for paramount sound quality and bespoke character, Thor is committed to hand crafting each earpiece in small batches and continually innovating the field of in-ear monitors

Wonder where Jotunheim is now…:joy:

Sold out on…

I considered myself a “bass head” because none of my headphones delivered enough bass for my tastes. But when it comes to IEMs, as long as I have a perfect seal, I haven’t come across an IEM that is lacking in bass quantity. Even some IEMs that aren’t known to have a lot of bass have more than enough for me. With IEMs, it’s more about the bass quality vs quantity. I guess most headphones just can’t compete with the bass and especially the sub bass IEMs can produce.

I have IEMs that can shake my brain. I don’t think I want something that is labeled “BassBeastmode”. I guess too much of a good thing can really be too much.

I guess I’m not a “bass head” after all. :disappointed:

I think sometimes people are looking to emulate car audio Sub bass systems, large home theatre sub rumble or club?..artillery sound like that too, most instruments don’t…including drum responses it’s just a personal sound sig choice at the end of the day :+1:

Thanks Ohmboy. That makes a lot of sense. I hadn’t thought about it like that. I’ve never sat in a car with one of those crazy systems blasting rap music so loud the bass is all that can be heard from miles away. :wink:

I’m not THAT much of a basshead. I like to be able to hear everything with as much clarity as possible while enjoying my music.

Atleast you came to term that you infact are not a basshead,lol

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All the research I’ve seen on what people like in audio indicates that most people like some elevation in the Bass, but there is a distinct split between “educated listeners” and the general populous, with the former preferring less elevation.
But I agree on people getting used to home theater or car audio Bass.

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First owners have gotten theirs. LEGEND.
I have a thread for it on Discord mail me if you wanna see the discussion.

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I received the Thor Mjölnir IEM earlier yesterday and have been testing them out for several hours.

Unfortunately, in my set, the right side seems to have an unusual vibration/ fluttering/ rattling. What I’m hearing is an unnatural sound quality. It’s not a feature from what I can hear.

I tried troubleshooting, switching cables, tips, etc. And I’m using the BTR5 as my source. At first, I thought it was due to how potent the lows are supposed to be, but it only happens on the right side. And any vocals can reproduce the issue. Overall, the right unit issue distorts and distracts the listening experience.

If I ignore the unusual sound, I can imagine it being a solid set, but I can’t recommend it yet based on what I got. Maybe I’m the only one who received an odd set. I contacted Linsoul to see what my options are. Hopefully, you all get a better set!

My set also came in a Linsoul round tin without any tips. It sounds like other owners got tips with theirs. Cable material is good enough, but the design of the 2-pin isn’t ideal. Mine has a round design, but the Thor has a recessed square insert. I had to use another cable for a secure fit.

I posted this on BGGAR’s review video, but for some reason, it’s not showing according to a few buddies of mine. I’m going to leave it here as well for the sake of discussion and troubleshooting.


That’s pretty damn unfortunate, hopefully you can get it resolved without issue. This could be potentially a burn in thing, so while you wait perhaps try and run them constantly to see if anything changes, but it does sound like you got a bum unit


Your feed back It’s showing to me on Chris’s review :man_shrugging: @hawaiibadboy you heard of any other QC issues with this set?


Thanks for letting me know! Also, I’ve touched base with hawaiibadboy and he says he hasn’t heard of the issues I brought up. I’m hoping my experience is an outlier/ anomaly… This set has solid potential from what I could hear.


It does seem pretty sweet, will be curious to see what you think of it when you get a working set :+1:


Thanks! The ear fit and plate finish was done right for my preferences so hoping to get a replacement. Quick update: Linsoul asked me to try different cables first before they try to help any further…