Thor Mjölnir IEM

Replacement came in and no issues so far :raised_hands:t2: it was shipped in a generic cardboard box and it came with foam tips this time!

Fit is good. Bass isn’t as potent as I remember it, but I’m enjoying it! Will spend more time with it these next few days.


Manufacturers might be buying up CP100 Medium Spinfits. They appear to be the hot new thing since retailers are sold out of the. Thieaudio are including them with some of their IEMs.

Drop has the THOR MJÖLNIR listed again. This time with an estimated 1 week to shipment. I would have to guess that this is stock from the last Drop; where they let customers cancel their orders, due to the delays in shipping.

Bruh how is the new one compare to fh3…

I would like to know this as well. Hope someone can answer this.

Hi. How do these compare to the FiiO FA7?

Anyone set to sell a pair of these, should know - Im interested.


Reviving this thread as I could be tempted by these.

I would have to disagree. If you listen to electronic music like Techno, the bass and sub bass have been designed into the song and not played with “real” instruments.
Yes, a drum or a celo cannot make this type of sound but synth and software can.
Right now, I’m looking for IEMs that can reproducing clean lows and highs for Techno and Hip hop since most hip hop instrumentals are electronic music.

Edit: I do know what you mean by bass head, but I feel that’s some music may require that to get the full sound (electro, hip hop, dub, …). Cheers

Maybe wait till @hawaiibadboy finally gets his Top Bass rec’s video done :+1:

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Thanks for the tip. I just checked his intro video for the bass head IEMs

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I have a set. Probably less than 25 hours on them:

how’re these comparing in 2022 to other options? have seen a few go cheap and am interested

If you want bass?..then

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these worth double the mjolnir? (reputable seller) someone is selling some for £70 locally

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Chris @hawaiibadboy is the man to ask…iirc the Mjolnir had some QC issues :man_shrugging:

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gonna throw out my 2 cents here since this was up in my feed
I find them to be a well balanced set
has pretty good bass impact but not a lot of it
things like TFZ Live 3 and FIIO FH5 and possibly even the Timeless have more bass


They have these on pre-order.

I am always interested on bass head options.

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It would be OK to create a official new post for this IEM? the MKII?

There are some people commenting on the HBB post, and I think it would be nice to have an special post for them

@Ohmboy can help u out

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