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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: No But Better With
  • Driver Type: DD

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I’m more and more impressed with these.
Currently using JVC Spiral Dots which are wide bore and has built-in acoustic treatment in the bore itself, taming reflections particularly in the highs.
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I love them at low and medium volume, but if you want a complete bass-fest you can crank them up, just the stage flattens quite a bit by doing that and the driver does lose some composure which leads to lowered technicalities.



That’s one of the big advantages I’m noticing. Great choice if you like low volume listening without sacrificing great bass. Or just up the volume and go full on basshead while still pulling of a great controlled presentation. Also, suites well for noisy environments and not losing the bass.


Man, sometime life hits you in the face. It turns out I can’t afford to keep the Mjölnir MK2… So sad.

If anyone would like to take them off my hands for, lets say $380, just DM me. You’ll get far faster shipping than Linsoul can provide I can tell you.

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Bummer to hear. I hope all is well.

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How does the sub bass sound? Is this a bass head IEM?

It is a mature basshead set.

The midbass in particular is super nice, it has excellent tactility. Needs burn in and power to show its potential.

It’s a bit laid back in the mids and upper frequencies, except for some extra spice in the lower treble.

It’s a really good set but not mind-blowing when price is considered, very beautiful construction and feels quite sturdy and premium.


I bit to subjective of what levels of bass defines a basshead. I for one would not define it as a basshead set. It’s a very midbass forward IEM. With strong emphasis to that region. If that’s the frequency range you prioritize you’ll most likely enjoy it. And it presents it with excellent punch, energy and great depth.


Yes, agreed. That’s why I called it a “mature” basshead set with emphasis on midbass being the standout quality, imo.

There are better sets if all one wants is sheer balls to the walls uncontrolled pressure and depth (almost inevitably at some expense of most every other aspect of sound)


I picked horrible wording. Definitely didn’t mean to make that part of the comment seem like it was directed towards yours. I agree that mature is also a great way, probably even better, to describe it.

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So, they are clearly on the bassy sound signature, that’s how they are advertised (thunderous bass) I love that, but, my question is: they are bassy and relaxed? Or they are bassy and exciting?

I don’t mind more exciting IEMS, I consider the Fiio FHE a good IEM, but it has more a exciting, alive sound signature, that can be fatiguing after a while. The Clairvoyances are great IEMS, but I also get some fatigue after just one hour of use.

What I have found is that what a lot of people consider perfect tuning is not good at all for electronic music, something like the Blon Bl03 is closer to the make electronic music more pleasing.

I would say bassy and relaxed. It does have some extra energy as I mentioned in the upper mids or lower terrible, but that could also simply be the nature of most dynamic drivers. They tend to be slightly harsh somewhere around 4-6kHz, usually there’s a peak there.

There are better sets for that fun and crazy energetic signature. Mjölnir has a thick sound like there’s a blanket on there which is pleasant. I like it best with music where not much is going on.

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Any chance either of you can compare it to the bass of the TFZ No.3? The tfz no.3 has pretty massive bass I find. It’s not bad overall but it’s not great. Some tracks don’t sound very good. I feel it’s really only good for hip hop and edm.

What genre’s does the Mjolnir mk2 sounds great with, and which ones aren’t as good?

@Rcayn I saw another post mention you have the OH10.

Can you compare the Mjolnir mk2 vs the OH10?

I also love my OH10’s, kinda hoping the Mjolnir is an upgrade though!

Hmm well everything from the mids and up is more natural sounding on the Mjölnir, less energetic and artificially snappy, sharp (BA quality).

Bass quantity might be in favor of the OH10.
Bass quality goes to the Mjölnir.

If you enjoy the OH10 because of its raised energy, you won’t find the Mjölnir a suitable 1:1 upgrade.

Mjölnir is a slower, more deliberate sound with cohesion and restraint. Again, I find it best with music that isn’t too complex or too fast. OH10 doesn’t have a real preference for genre imo.