Those headphones you just throw away

So my sister is in the process of moving, and in doing so, found a pair of Plantronics RIG 100HS our younger brother had handed off to her when he moved to Colorado… Apparently she couldn’t get the mic to work with her chat, so she gave up on them… For whatever hellish reason, I agreed to give them a go… Put them on, and could not find anything that was really comfortable… Saying to hell with it, I plugged it into my laptop, started to play some music… Only to almost immediately remove them and throw the damn things across the room… I feel dirty even thinking about going to pick them up…
Please tell me I am not the only one who has had an experience like this… Where you can barely spend any time with a headphone/headset before wanting to just chuck them

Isn’t the 100hs mainly for just comms and you listen to the game through speakers? I wouldn’t be surprised if they sound like garbo lol

I dont fuckin know, but dear God… Please… ANYTHING BUT THAT EVER AGAIN!!! My hatred for that peace of fucking garbage is greater then Zeos for the m50x and the PM50 put together…


Lol half the shit I buy for no money from China lol

Also the dollar store iems my mom thinks is a good idea to get while she’s checking out


Sounds like my mother. Theres no reason to go for anything more expensive in her eyes… Sadly, I may actually prefer them over this… thing…

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Just from the picture I can tell these things look wonky and cheap lol. After having something nice it doesn’t surprise me that you wouldn’t want to ever wear something like this though. I haven’t put on my Hyper X Cloud 2’s since I got any of my current headphones.

a bunch of old turtle beach X12s that weren’t that great i had to throw away because they broke

I couldn’t help but to have a brand new appreciation for my K550…

I am more talking when they are so bad you dont want them anywhere near you.

I dont get it… if you wronly use a product. Why instantly throw it away and not use like it should be? That 100hs clearly a chat only headset, for mono sound. Not even a headphone and cannot be compared.
They work very well as “phone” type work or just chat. Have used many plantorics headset’s for call usage and they just work. Sound usually is clear/clean so you hear what the other one saying. So called sound quality ain’t even a category. Phoneline ain’t a good source anyways…

I would throw anything from Hifiman away just cause quality issues.

Eh, it may simply be partially that I cant stand mono. It sounds wrong to me, like it goes completely against the way sound should be presented. I can understand things like this being used by long haul truckers (its the only thing they are legally allowed to use, from what I am aware), and where you would be taking calls all day(like a call center, though even they are too cheap to splurge for something this cheap).
However, the 100HS(X) are marketed as gaming headsets:

Experience the power of a full range driver with an exoskeleton earcup design that allows ambient noise in and provides open acoustics for a bigger gaming sound stage.

Cause, you know, the biggest thing you wanna hear is ambient noise, and the frame around (not a grill behind) the suspended driver being nothing but a plastic skeleton with nothing to even attempt to seal in the sound is totally gonna give you more sound stage.
As for a chat only option… I am certain your team-mates totally wanna hear everything your speakers are blasting into your mic… After all the delay, while they are also listening to what is going on in the game from their side.

While I am proably not going to be replacing the HE-350 with angled pleather Brainwaves pads that where stolen from me (and Im totally not still livid about that…), you would be sorely mistaken to ever think that I would consider simply throwing away my 4XX.

Yeah my sister was moving away and she had this headphone, called The Helios or something. gave it to me said it was some chifi headphone or something. well i listened to it and it sounded so good i decided not to throw it away at all. just awesome sound. You can buy it here:

Dude… That can stop now…


sorry jj

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lol. There are literally thousands of produts marketed that way. It’s normal.
If you did not know. It’s always more a “you can use it” but does it make sense? Maybe not.

Prime example of subject and someone would buy it. Audiophile cable marketing, anyone. :wink:

When using those type of headsets, the good ones. There usually is a “Noise Cancelling” what is going on. With the hardware or and software based - during call. So the background noise is minimal…

E: Oh look. My prediction was right.

Connectivity technology Wired
Bluetooth cross
USB connectivity cross
3.5 mm connector checkmark
2.5 mm connector cross
2x 3.5 mm connectors cross
Microphone frequency 100 - 10000 Hz
Microphone sensitivity -45 dB
Microphone direction type Omnidirectional
Noise-canceling checkmark
Headphone frequency 20 - 20000 Hz
Headphone sensitivity 111 dB
Impedance 32 Ω
Driver unit 4 cm
Ear coupling Circumaural
Driver type Dynamic
Packaging content
Quantity 1
Cable length 1.3 m
Product colour Black,Grey
Compatible products PlayStation 4
Backlight cross
Headset type Monaural
Wearing style Head-band
Recommended usage Gaming
Product type Headset

Hey @BluJay614 Did you notice? It actually has a noise cancellation microphone!
You can use speakers and hear the game sounds and not disturb team mates. :smiley:
Shiiet and damm and ill be dammed.
Well yea if blasting +100db maybe not does not work that good but in the more, normal world. Yea.

Maybe i should start using iPads as cutting boards and complain why they are so damm expensive for cutting boards. Works good as watching youtube at the same time but stops working pretty quickly after few tomatoes and screen is all fucked of from the sharp knive.

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Yeah personally don’t see anything wrong with that gaming headset tbh. Does it’s job

You know, you are right. As the absolute definition of expert on these things, everyone should always bedeffered to you. Why? Because a Dave should learn their place and bow to their Menu-sama. A cheap noise cancellation microphone designed to pick up from all directions? No way it will pick up anything from the world around it! It is noise cancellation! You see, the product is simply designed for chat, so all it will pick up is the users voice. You are wonderfully informative on how I could use this and literally be standing next to a fucking jet engine, and never have to worry about the people on the other end not being able to hear me when speaking at a normal volume.

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"Those headphones you just throw away"