Tidal Streaming Thread

I switched from Spotify to Tidal about 6 months ago. As happy as I am with the music quality, I still cannot stand how poor of an app Tidal is not only of the desktop but also on mobile.

If anyone has any remedies or tips please share them on how to make the experience of using Tidal less shit.
For instance, many people may not know that Plex has Tidal integration completely free. So you can technically use the Plex app instead of the Tidal app on mobile. Any downside? One of many is that you can’t search your own playlists… very frustrating for me.

Also, you can block artists on Tidal, which is very helpful as Tidal is mainly marketed towards hip hop but I absolutely hate seeing artists such as “post malone” pop up first while I’m searching for “Pearl Jam.” My “favorited artists” that I save clearly relate to Rock over any other genre. Spotify has perfected this.

You can also zoom out on the Tidal desktop app by holding ctrl ±

It’s the little things i guess. I am very picky when it comes to this kind of stuff.

For those who say “burn CD’s” or “purchase lossless”:
I do have dozens of my CDs ripped into foobar but I am listening to new music consistently and the convenience of streaming is unparalleled. Also takes up no room on my phone storage

Thanks for any suggestions I am just a man trying to hear my songs.

I know that bubbleupnp has tidal integration but I’ve never used it before, might be worth checking out.

As far as I know, Tidal doesn’t provide an offline mode for desktop users. So I used Plex to manage Tidal on my desktop previously. But Plex unables me to search my playlists as you mentioned. Then I turn to a third-party tool to download my Tidal playlists on the desktop for offline playback. Many different brands I tried, and AudFree Tidal Music Converter is the best one, if you need to solve the same problem, maybe you can give a shot.

great thanks im going to try AudFree right now

If you think Tidal is shit, you should give the Qobuz trial a go lol
They couldn’t even bother with a dark theme