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This is the official thread for the Tin T2 Plus

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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: No

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While I like the cable improvements I’m not a fan of the shape I wish they would have improved it so people can wear it down

Looks a bit like a matt Blon 03?

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well the ordinary T2 is cable down and I dislike that fit so I am quite pleased with this one as it is an improvement in my book.

I just wished they would have improved the design and leaned towards being one of the few IEm maunfacturers trying to make it possible to wear their IEMs down. as much as I dont mind the wrap around style I like the fact that I can wear my IEms down when I can makes things more comfortable when Im wearing safety/normal glasses

he also said they were bright so im gonna have to wait for more reviews and several measurements before deciding for myself if its a buy or not. Im a big fan of tin and I hope the release versions are good enough to add to the collection

Can it so hard to have a design that can be over the ear or down…really?

no the t4 was light enough that I could do so , they coul have added the in ear hooks to the t2 and I would have been happy

I believe the P1 was also easy to wear either way?..goes to fetch a pair lol.

I know people have done it with the blons.

Yep listening now and they seem fine tbh…just a personal and sometimes a cable choice :+1:

Ive definitely stripped some of my mmcx cables plastic thook thing so I can wear em down

I do hope they make the treble closer tothe t4 than the t3 or t2 pro treble. cause if they can learn from the t4 if they plan on making a neutral bright IEM I think it will be nice IEM to look forward to. mke it a more laid back less upper mids shouty cheaper t4 is basically what I want out of these.

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Thankfully the P1’s come with a very soft plastic hook that’s just about OK worn down…This’s the first time trying them down and I think I prefer them like that lol…need to get a non hook cable…any rec’s?

I just take my hook cables and strip them but I typically buy yinyoo cables.

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The cables thin but thankfully so is the plastic hooks :+1:

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I just hope that Tin hifi don’t try to follow the Harman target. You can’t spit without hitting at least three Harman tuned chifi iems these days.

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True Harman bitches be boring everyone these days

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Watched a review yesterday (can’t remember from whom) and the guy said that these are treble as usual with Tin Audio.