Tin T2 - Unnoffical Thread - Thoughts and Impressions

Thought I’d start a general thread for this cheap, but great IEM. I am generally not a big fan of IEMs, but wanted something portable and easy to drive that sounded decent. These definitely live up to their hype. For $50, they are absolutely a no-brainer.

They manage to hit that very fine-line of detailed treble, without going too far with it. And the general tonality sounds very balanced to my ears. Nice extension in both directions.
For those concerned about the lack of low-end, I tested the low-end with “the Alien” track from the Annihilation OST out of my MO 788 amp and they definitely have more low-end extension than the Senn HD660s. It doesn’t have crazy mid-bass slam or decay like I’ve heard from some other IEMS, but it still sounds great and the bass is still very much present.

I am absolutely happy with them and consider these my “end-game” as far as IEMs are concerned… :stuck_out_tongue: I honestly don’t feel like I need or desire anything else for efficient, portable headphones.

IMO, avoid the Tin T2 Pro, I tried them first and hated :grimacing: them immediately.

DMS affiliate Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2xOhTIW
Z affiliate Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2BceNRA

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Thanks for reaffirming my purchase. Just got the regular ones on drop. Patiently awaiting my delivery!
Most reviewers said the pro is heavier on the bass and definitely not my cup of tea for every day listening.
Hopefully I remember to report back when I get them!

P1 is awesome,
just a warning to people buying them from linsoul website.
Im not very happy with it, the homepage of the website has a link advertising “T2”
but if you click on it, it goes to the product page of T2 pro…
I wanted to buy P1 + T2 for free express shipping, but ended up buying T2 pro because the link.
Anyway, contacted the customer service right away and they said they agreed to credit me $10 and dispatch T2 instead.
But they didnt, a few minute after we talked, got the notification saying my parcel is on its way.
Very disappointed, received T2 pro, contact them again, they said it was too late to notify them.

  1. clear the website is misleading. 2. i contacted them immediately. 3. they are just trying hard to get rid of T2 pro.
    Anyway, the worst part is i sold my T2 pro with reduced price, and the buyer sent me a photo of deformed Blue ear tip… omg… when is this drama gonna end…
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I bought mine of Aliexpress (not much amazon options in my country) for 30 bucks. It is probably the best bus I done, they are super clean and really nice. One friend has found them little to bright, but the other 3 and I didn’t, so maybe be careful if you are treble sensitive. I love them for basically all music (mostly playing soptify very high and some of my FLAC lib). I listen to a lot of different genres, so this are for me a great all-around sollution. There they shine is in vocals and somewhat in separation, I can discern each instrument in a music with them.
200% recommend


Tin T4s would probably resolve the issue of brightness for anyone that finds the T2s too bright. But they aren’t as cheap… so they don’t quite have the ‘bang-for-the-buck’ aspect to them. Maybe Blon-03 would be a good alternative for those people.

blons definitely are the replacements for anything under a hundred for me. waiting for my t4’s to come in to see how they compare

I’m waiting for black friday sales to come around so I can purchase these, but I wonder if I should get them over KZ ZS10 PRO and the TRN BA5

Personally I like to listen to various musics so I wonder which I should get since nit many ppl comment on it here.

I like the T2 over the ZS10pros.

I actually got rid of my zs10pros, they were just too much treble cannons and sounded not great on a majority of my music. I replaced them with the KZ ZSX and I have to say I 100% prefer the ZSX over the zs10pro, less treble peak and overall a lot smoother sounding with still great bass/sub bass.

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Going to need cable suggestions for these as I hear they usually fail. From Aliexpress preferably as amazon isn’t available in my locality.

I haven’t had any issues with my stock cable or my dad’s pair, so perhaps it was only in a certain batch

Your father uses them ?
I know it must be a batch thing but better be prepared. I also don’t get the silver plated vs copper thing. Personally I like copper than whatever plated as from my use the cable lives just that the plating fades.

I got a pair for myself and a pair for my dad since he liked them

For cables I like these


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ti barely matters the $10 TRN mmcx cablkes from aliexpress should be fine


So, I really like them for 50$. They have a very balanced, neutral sound. I really like the fairly open airy sound they have as well. Very chill sounding for a neutral IEM as well. I will caution some though… I’ve not heard it mentioned, but the outer lip on the end of the units aka the opposite side of the nozzle does not sit well with my ears at all. The machining making that very precise double edge, feels like it cuts my ears, even though it doesn’t. It just feels very sharp and unpleasant so I gave it to my friend. He thinks its one of the best bang for buck IEMs for Rock n Roll. He loves them where I just liked them. I much prefer the BLON 03 in this segment of the market, for sound and fit its better for my ears. Build and cable the T2 takes it easy.

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The fit is a little odd cable down. I’ve found they fit best swapping the left and right and doing looped over year.

Call this the “IEM review from the non-IEM guy”. My pair of Tin T2s arrived today from China via another of the local online shopping sites. I paid right around $35 for it. For an amp I used both a Monoprice portable THX amp and an ES100.

Sound: I’ve never owned any other IEM, so I’m not really in a position to say “this sounds like a more expensive IEM”. What I can say is that in comparison to the headphones that I do own, it can very much hold its own. Sound signature is mostly neutral with a hint of warmth, although the deepest bass does sound rolled off.

My problem is the fit. Now, so far, I’ve used exactly one set of tips: the stock blue foam tips. (Every T2 review sings the praises of the tips, it seems like.) They don’t work very well for me. If I do the whole pinch-and-insert technique with it, the isolation, soundstage, and sound quality are all outstanding. The trouble is it’s not very comfortable and when i tried to remove the IEM from my ear, the eartip got stuck in my ear and had to be removed with tweezers.

If I just stick the IEM in my ear without pinching the foam tip, I get the feeling that the IEM is awkwardly inserted in my ear canal and things like the soundstage can are a bit strange, like it’s different from one ear to another, or varies on how I inserted the IEM, etcetera.

So the Tin T2s themselves are worth the hype. It’s just this whole “I have strange ears” thing that just disappoints me because of the eartips issue. So I dunno what I should do - should I try the bundled silicone tips, should I look for replacement third-party tips from Dekoni/Comply, etcetera. If so, if the bundled foam tips are on the larger side for my ears, what size should I be looking at? Suggestions from people with more IEM experience are welcome.

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Dekoni foam tips are fast rebound and you can just kinda stick them in your ear, but I don’t know if it would improve the comfort. I would say try out the silicone and see what you think

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More than just the material I think it’s the size - a coworker who does use IEMs said that he thought the stock T2 foam tips looked a little large. So it’s a question of - are, say, the Dekoni mediums about the same size as the T2 stock tips, so I should get the smalls?

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I would suggest the small I think, but I would check with someone else as well

Sounds like the blue tips are too small I recc going with a smaller tip from comply or newbee