Tin T2 - Unnoffical Thread - Thoughts and Impressions

Thought I’d start a general thread for this cheap, but great IEM. I am generally not a big fan of IEMs, but wanted something portable and easy to drive that sounded decent. These definitely live up to their hype. For $50, they are absolutely a no-brainer.

They manage to hit that very fine-line of detailed treble, without going too far with it. And the general tonality sounds very balanced to my ears. Nice extension in both directions.
For those concerned about the lack of low-end, I tested the low-end with “the Alien” track from the Annihilation OST out of my MO 788 amp and they definitely have more low-end extension than the Senn HD660s. It doesn’t have crazy mid-bass slam or decay like I’ve heard from some other IEMS, but it still sounds great and the bass is still very much present.

I am absolutely happy with them and consider these my “end-game” as far as IEMs are concerned… :stuck_out_tongue: I honestly don’t feel like I need or desire anything else for efficient, portable headphones.

IMO, avoid the Tin T2 Pro, I tried them first and hated :grimacing: them immediately.

DMS affiliate Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2xOhTIW
Z affiliate Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2BceNRA

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Thanks for reaffirming my purchase. Just got the regular ones on drop. Patiently awaiting my delivery!
Most reviewers said the pro is heavier on the bass and definitely not my cup of tea for every day listening.
Hopefully I remember to report back when I get them!

P1 is awesome,
just a warning to people buying them from linsoul website.
Im not very happy with it, the homepage of the website has a link advertising “T2”
but if you click on it, it goes to the product page of T2 pro…
I wanted to buy P1 + T2 for free express shipping, but ended up buying T2 pro because the link.
Anyway, contacted the customer service right away and they said they agreed to credit me $10 and dispatch T2 instead.
But they didnt, a few minute after we talked, got the notification saying my parcel is on its way.
Very disappointed, received T2 pro, contact them again, they said it was too late to notify them.

  1. clear the website is misleading. 2. i contacted them immediately. 3. they are just trying hard to get rid of T2 pro.
    Anyway, the worst part is i sold my T2 pro with reduced price, and the buyer sent me a photo of deformed Blue ear tip… omg… when is this drama gonna end…
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