Tin T4 just got announced

I find the dip at 8k will just help a ton getting rid of sibilance with ass and such making this a less aggressive iem than the t3 being a bit more laid back but keeping the more exciting nature of what seems to be a bit of a v shape but follows the Harman curve.

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Crinacle just revealed a couple of things

  1. He didn’t give any feedback to tin unlike when he did to the p1 might mean he actually liked them.
  2. The price. He confirmed MSRP of $110

Oh i see! Yeah because the prior tin earphones actually had a spike there and forward right? While this one seems to be rolling off a bit

Yep here is the t3 for reference

Anyone knows how much these will cost?

this could be fake news lol since i just read it in some headline but i heard they would cost 110 bucks or so

That sounds fairly realistic, and I think it’s been confirmed

that’s kind of sad. hoped someone would say it’s fake news and put up a trump meme or something

well that sucks. I hoped it’d be $80 tops.
Now it’s just a matter of Shouer Tape or these for 11/11

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Yeah it’sa shame. I mean I’m sure it’s probably still a bargain and stuff but i was also thinking it would be nice for it to never cross 70 or 80

See Jose’s post above. $110 msrp

$110? oof… with the Blon 03 existing, that’ll be hard to justify.

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yeah with me getting the mh 755’s and blons I dont really see the need for another pair of harman tuned IEMS. but I am a big fa of TIn so I might wait out a sale or reviews to drop before hopping on this one

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if it has the precision and detail that the T2 has with the bass, natural timbre, and musical sound the blons have it will be well worth the money. Right now I feel the blons and T2 are very complimentary to each other, they both do different things really well and find myself wanting to listen to both equally as much as the other.


For sure… I’ll wait for reviews though. If it manages to be THAT good, then potentially, yeah. Personally just not as “eager” to jump on them so quickly for over $100. lol

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I am not so much into graphs because I am that type of guy who prefers to hear the sounds of a headphone or earphone overall than relying on graphs all the time. Sure graphs are helpful when you need like a reference or an overall guide if the audio that you are looking for suits to your taste or not. I hope the Tin T4 would be an overall improvement to some aspects and I expect decent sounds from it, who knows it might dethrone my T2s and ZS10 Pros as my daily drivers.

And for the price of the T4 you can just go with the T2 and the BL03. :joy:**

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But I already have both and I don’t have a t4 yet…

So basically he is saying that the T4s are a combination of both? I sure wish it was so that I don’t need to get the BL03s lol

They are indeed very complementary to eachother, i do find myself using the blons more these days because of the airy soundstage and the more beautiful timber to the voices