Tin T4 just got announced

Claims it’s the best IEM TIN has released so far which hea loved the t2 loved the t3 even more and loved the P1’s even more


Or a teaser for the new Phantoms that SM_Music Pointed Out? New 350$ Planars -Thieaudio Phantom

Or perhaps both?
I have the T3 and the P1 and especially the P1 are great. They are my default IEM’s on the go. So I look forward to the T4.

Awww crap, here we go again. But oh well Tin is doing me good so far and I hope this will be one of their best ones ever made.

Hopefully no grounding issues on these like the P1 (since its aluminum and not stainless steel) for those jumping on the hype train. :slight_smile:

Early birds give the low down on any benefits of desktop amp and portable players… though it claims to be rated at 3mW on linsoul.

why would the metal type affect whether there is a grounding issue? both conduct electricity…one just does it worse than others. :stuck_out_tongue:

No reason at all I can see?

well, Roamer thinks there’s a reason, so I’m curious to know what / why.

Well you don’t want to get shocked, or have a shotty signal lol

indeed, but his post seemed to indicate that one metal wouldn’t have issues while the other had a history of issues. which is odd, as aluminum is also conductive.

I thought he was trying to indicate that some models have the ground wiring issues, and some don’t

mmm…NO U!!!

I mean I have no issues so far on my T2s though and it is encase in metal. Though the only issue I found on mine were the cables and a new cable solved that issue. I don’t think there will be issues on the T4 regardless if it was made of metal or not.

Coz the Tin P1 i got and its replacement gives a shock when connected to a desktop amp. There are others who have the same experience in the P1 thread on this forum and in the massdrop discussion. It also provides a shock when connected to a computer and you touch your iphone while it is charging. The metal ring on the home button and the P1 causes a shock.

They claim the issue is with our setup, but other metal shelled IEMs like the Kanas Pro, Campfire, and their own T2 dont have that issue. If there was a ground in our setup, all metal shelled IEM would have an issue and there would probably be a noticeable hum on the Campfires.

So, hopefully whatever the QC problem was with the P1 is not carried over to the T4. Anyway, time will tell. If you never had an issue like this with an IEM may luck be forever in your favor. :slight_smile:

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I like the T#'s and the T2’s chassis design better the t4 wierd fan looking design is kinda ugly

The sound of the t3 ,t2,and t2 pro were alright.What killed it for me was the design of the iem ,I just couldn’t get comfortable with them and get them to settle in my ears.lll just stick to my dm6 ,blon, kz zs10 pro.For anybody that saw Dm6,and automatically thought sibilance. Not my pair thankfully,also yes the do h as ve bass.

BGGAR posted measurements of the T4.
Looks very Harmon curvy. Hope this is less than $100. If it is, I’ll pre-order without even seeing a review.

Same. Liking the 8k dip was basically my main issue with the t3 gone takes care of sibilance hopefully

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What’s the dip at 8k good for btw?