Today I listened to a $20k+ sound system today.... AMA

Today I was at World Wide Stereo in Ardmore PA today and got the opportunity to listen to this awesome McIntosh system. This is absolutely the most expensive sound system I have ever heard… but the real question - is this the best sound system I have ever heard??

Who am I and why should you care to AMA… idk, I’m a college student and on a strict budget and laugh at $1,000 speaker cables (which yes, I listened to.) I mainly listen to my 4xx or 58x on the Topping D10 and Atom amp via Tidal. I also have a YouTube channel so you KNOW I’m qualified to talk about hifi… lol


Would you ever consider owning such a system?

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lol i showed this to my dad and told him about everything then said “i would have to come into about $2 million before i can rationalize buying this exact system brand new.” i still stand by that.


yeah Im in the same boat with your dad. I’ve always showed my friends the sennheiser HE 1’s and tell them " if I ever run across fuck you money Im buying these"

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yes! lol… its very rational. just say my networth was $10k. 5% of 10k is $500. that’s a fairly decent system especially if you look around used. now imagine my net worth was $500k. That’s $25,000 for a system.

Would you say spending the entire cost of this setup on a dac would be a rational purchase?

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lol I hesitate to go over a 100 let alone the price of a system on a dac

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absolutely. only if you want to hear the clear highs and booming lows. if you dont have a $25k dac plz don’t talk to me

Damn it I wanted someone to talk me out of it lol. Now how else will I talk to you if I don’t buy it

plz don’t tell me you’re actually looking at a 25k dac :worried:

How well do you think the system preformed regardless of price?

Also it would be less than my speakers so it makes sense

If you buy into it there are cables that cost what that system does.

Why buy an expensive necklace when you can just buy a high end interconnect instead

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m0n you’re truly a savage.
this is where it gets interesting… i seriously could not rationalize the price. to me it really sounded good, dont get me wrong, but it really sounding like my 58x, make the driver 30 times its size (size of the speakers shown) and louder. it sounded like my amazing detailed headphones but in the form of a speaker. grated it did have a more full sound and much more “air” but really, it sounded like 58x in speaker form.

now that’s worth it :+1:

Hmm, have you heard any high end headphones as well or just high end speaker setups

just speaker setups as of right now

Also I wonder what the dealer would feel/do if you told him it just sounds like a 58x in speaker form lol

You’d be surprised how bad high end speaker setups can sound at shows.
Room setup really is a must, from the picture it looks like they at least made some effort to treat the room.

It’s interesting hearing someone comparing speakers to headphones, to me they just aren’t comparable at all, completely different listening experiences.

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The some of the only headphones I feel like you can reasonably compare to speakers would be the stuff like the agk k1000 or the raal headphones since those are essentially just speakers near your ears lol (and even then)