Tool; Fear Inoculum Impressions/Reviews

So thoughts/opinions???

I managed to snag 2 of the cds(awesome packaging and experience btw). This is my virgin Tool album as I’m pretty new on the scene, and I have to say I’m digging it. It’s great background music to play games with due to the progressions of their long songs. Also my favorite song is Pneuma, the agressive riff and then just the punch in the final minutes really gets me going. Tempest is great too just from the sheer chaos of the sounds and progressions imo.


I found it on Tidal and will end up listening to it sometime later this week when I have a moment, but the title track grabbed my attention in a good way. Everything seemed to have a proper place in a way that I found appealing.

Then I skipped to Descending after listening to Pneuma and was just awash in the ocean. But yeah, I’ll be listening to this new album over the week for sure!

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Give a listen to their Lateralus album. It is magical.

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I have dabbled with some of their other music and did like the namesake for that album, I’ll need to actually get the cd and pour over it. The Pot is still prob. my favorite song of theirs, but they don’t really produce bad music from what I can tell so favorite is loose on that lol.

What are these See Dee’s you speak of? A plastic disc? I don’t understand! :rofl:

For what it’s worth, I think I still have my copy of Undertow that I bought in 1993 on Compact Disc. Can’t wait to listen to Fear Innoculum on my commute tomorrow. Digital download this time.

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I’m telling you man that Pneuma is fire with the drums towards the end! I have to listen to Descending and Invincible more lol. This album has good recording quality so it makes everything better too. :smiley:


Agreed. Most (all?) Tool albums are very well recorded, to my inexpert ear. Happy to hear they are continuing the trend.

I’m feeling a high 6/ low 7


I didn’t enjoy this album as much as their past projects. But not the worst album I have ever heard. But I do agree with the sentiment that is the worst tool album

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Chocolate Chip Trip really is a trip, with a heck of a drum solo overlaid. At their heart they’re still just a rock 'n roll band.!!!

I really like this album, I prefer some of their other work such as Lateralus and Ænima but this is a great album.

I find it interesting that the digital version includes more tracks than the physical version. There are three short (relatively speaking) tracks to tie the songs together. The seven longer main tracks come to almost 80 minutes so they would only be able to fit it on one disc rather than making a double disc album.

Also the physical edition comes with an extra track included in the case that is not available in the digital version.

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You are prob. right, but I think this is really different than whats on the market(for new music) so it is good exposure for people like myself who have little to no experience with the band. I think the album can be overindulgent at times, but that is why I like it. Reminds me of the times I listened to Pink Floyd Animals with my dad for instance, with Dogs running like 15ish min. and just laying a groove. :smiley: Do you have any specific insights on your end?

If your new to tool give aenima and Undertow a listen they are my favorite albums of the bunch. To me this album is something like a band trying to find themsleves again after a long break .

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Ok cool, will report back. :slight_smile:

If you’re of a certain age you almost certainly have heard Sober on Undertow. Also Beavis and Butthead did a great send up of Sober’s weird music video.

Beavis: “Look Butthead, a slot.”

Butthead: “Your m-ah-ther’s a slot.”

Both: “He,he,heh.”


Yea sober sounds great and that video is trippy, but deep, like you can deff tell the message they have about addiction. Mad props for it. Makes me think of themes in A Scanner Darkly etc. Don’t know about undertow, will check it soon.

Ah, one of my favorite albums. Prison Sex is a heck of a song also.

Not a metaphor.

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The album is incredible. Honestly its my favorite album by them yet. Does anyone else notice some noise artifacts in certain parts like in 7empest around 12:50? It continues for about 20 seconds after that and it can be heard in some other songs as well. Any ideas?

So Lateralus is like my 1b to my Fear Inoculum 1a. If I want to chill more I gravitate to Fear and if I want to pump myself up then Lateralus is my go to. I will say that I think 10,000 Days is not bad, but is not my normal listen(still bought it though) from Tool. Earlier work is not my cup of tea overall, but I will listen to it occasionally. This is more or less an update for you.


Lateralis is pretty fucking great too. I can see why people wouldn’t like under tow too much as it’s their formative album. Kinda sad you didn’t like aenema as to me that was their most fun most catchy album with songs like aenema, forty six and two , hooker with a penis, and eulogy. But that’s sorta the album that got me into them so I’m kinda biased