🔷 Topping D10

This is the official thread for the Topping D10. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Unbalanced Only
  • Nice Display

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I love my D10, such a great little dac for not alot of money… currently have mine outputting via RCA to my darkvoice 336 and SPDIF to my Edifier S2000pro. works like a charm :wink:

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Only 1 post? This is a great device, and probably the best value in DACs! A JDS Atom and a Topping D10 is a spectular level of performance for $170!!


Yup, and if you want a warmer sound stack then swap the atom for a monolith liquid spark

I honestly believe they’d sell many many times more if it wasn’t ugly as fuck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be, but gets the job done I guess… Perhaps look into the smsl m100 or the new liquid spark dac

Or a little plastic rectangle to make the digits green/blue/whatever instead of, 70’s police radar orange

Lol your right, this wouldn’t look out of place in a car scanner

A quick question for those that have this DAC.

If using it with a Windows 10 computer, did you install the driver from the Topping website, and does it work if set to 32bit in the Topping application?

Mine seems to become unresponsive if I set it to 32 bit in the application after the driver install, 32 bit worked fine with the builtin Win10 driver.

I haven’t tried 32 bit. 24/96 and that worked fine in both the Win10 and Topping drivers. In the end I removed the drivers as I use the unit pretty much to give the SPIDIF out.

I would just avoid 32 bit as it can cause problems with some applications. There really isn’t a benefit to use it because most music is not 32 bit

and you can even roll the OP amp in it!

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Ok, I’ll stick with 24bit.

Didnt this DAC come out a long time ago?

My only issue with it is that it’s not an AK based chipset as I prefer that.

Can you hear the difference between DAC chips? I’ve never done a proper AB test so take what I say with a huge grain of salt, but I can’t tell the difference between the quality DACs I’ve owned.

More or less march 2018 apparently.
Still 106dB SINAD :stuck_out_tongue:

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In the way that you can hear difference between tubes or OP amps. I was going to throw cables in there as well but.:slight_smile: In my limited experience I hear more more substance and A/B testing is not the best way to make that determination. For me it’s about the feeling, the way breathing feels different in a cool day with low humidity than it does if the humidity would rise but the temperature remained the same.

I’m trying to stay away from the usual descriptors.

Just picked one of these up to use at work. This is the last piece to my desktop setup. My chain will be MacBook Pro > CalDigit TS3 Plus USB Dock > Topping D10 > Monolith Liquid Spark > Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon. Does anybody use this with a Mac? Will I need to install any drivers or anything like that to make it go?

I don’t think you need to install any drivers for it to work correctly