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I’m glad that I’m not the only one who perceives this. I tried my Asgard 3 as a preamp for my power amp, then tried just the E30 because I was having problems with volume play with the Asgard 3 (9-10 o’clock was getting too loud even on low gain). Using E30, I found the sound clearer / more uncoloured as well as more dynamic.

I really do want a physical volume knob, though. So I’ve ordered a Topping L30 to pair with the E30 to see if it will work.

oh God, I’ve been doing this all wrong all the time! Thanks!


@Delta9K Thanks for this, been wondering since I also have the Atom amp and the e30 and Asgard 3. I got one of the last Chromecast Audio pucks for my integrated amp setup and that works well, but have been wondering about using a preout from one of the aforementioned pieces instead. Sounds like e30 would give best sound. Would connect to Aux in like I do with the Chromecast and then balance volumes accordingly. (Just to satisfy curiosity tho, as the Ccast is very convenient to control with my phone.) Any comments appreciated. Thanks.


My setup is almost identical to yours. I use the optical output of the CCA into my E30, with CCA volume set to maximum. I use the E30 in DAC mode (line level output). I then control volume on my L30 or A3 (depending on which one i’m currently using).

With this setup i switched over to using Qobuz as my streaming service, as it will stream 24/96 (the maximum data rate CCA can support). It’s nice to see the data rate change on the front of E30 depending on the file being streamed.

For what it’s worth, the UGREEN ethernet adapter and the iFi low noise 5V power supply on the CCA makes a difference for me. The streams start quicker on an ethernet connection. and i use the iFi low noise supply for both the CCA and the E30. maybe not necessary, but i think i hear a difference (YMMV).


Hmm…never thought of using the CCA into that chain. Something else to try!

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I am glad that @elementze was able to offer input because I don’t have any experience with Chromecast or any streaming devices, just speakers. And while I run multiple DACs and amps I am using switcher boxes to select the components for any given chain, and therefore which device is used to manage volume controls.

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getting off topic here, but what switcher boxes do you use? i currently use a Sescom RCA switch to go between my devices. it works and i don’t hear a difference, but i’ve been curious what others are using. it nags at the back of my mind that i may be loosing something because of the switch, but i’ve never been able to hear it. I never liked the idea of using an RCA “y” cable coming out the back of my E30 (back on topic) into my two amps. So i’ve stuck with the switch.

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@elementze I am using inexpensive passive switchers. Nothing too fancy, but get the job done.




You a bad man

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New to this forum so apologies if this is out of place…been using Topping E30 with my standard USB-A port on my laptop with Tidal. When i play masters MQA i see the E30 says 96khz from the usual 44.1. This number actually changes depending on the source but point is with Tidal Masters its higher than non-masters.

I need my single USB port for other things so i bought a USB-C connector since i have 3 of those. However now the bitrate on the E30 is always 44.1. Does Topping not support USB-C at higher bit rates?

Once i saw this i did some searching and downloaded and installed the Topping windows driver. Problem remains.

Great little DAC…

I experienced something similar using a older pair of Edifier s530d and dragonfly red.

Has anyone noticed that the price for this is now $150? I see them on drop an thought “that seems wrong” and now they’re this price everywhere. Topping sneakily increased the price.

Also, there is now red and blue as color options, which I will say looks really nice.

I’m not sure of the exact details, but I think the price increase was discussed in other forums late last year or earlier this year. It’s possible that it’s to control demand after the AKM factory fire caused a shortage of required DAC chips.

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Hello, does anyone that has this can answer if you can turn off the screen?
If yes, does it keep turned off if you press volume up or down on the remote control?

I do own one and as far as I know you can only dim the screen.

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that’s all i’ve been able to do as well - only dim, not turn off. but the option may be hidden somewhere and just not found it…


Really? Mine came with two USBS one for power 1 for signal

Yeah mine actually came with that too… I’m just dumb and didn’t realize it for like an hour of trying to set it up :laughing:

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