🔷 Topping E30

This is the official thread for the Topping E30

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • RCA Line or Pre out, USB in, coax in, opt in
  • AK4493, 32/768 & DSD512, XMOS XU208
  • Adjustable vol and filter control

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Absolutely don’t need this, but I have my eye on it nonetheless

Also, Topping’s naming conventions seemed to make so much sense until this.

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Mine should come tomorrow lol, will let you guys know what I think of it


Have a feeling it might be the new budget standard, but we shall see.

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d10 should still have its place due to the price increase comparatively

more impression eh :wink:

the thing that doesnt is the d30. the thing I imagine happening soon is the e10 which would be a step up to the d10.


D for Dacs, A for Amps E for… Eeeeh?!


Any idea where we can grab one of these in the UK? (And I guess by extension the EU)

I’ve seen sites such as hifigo, shenzhenaudio, audiophonics.fr are stocking them, but I have no experience using any of these sites, and not sure how duty and customs are going to work

I think you can get it from hifigo here: https://hifigo.com/products/topping-e30-usb-dac-ak4493-hifi-decoder-desktop-dacs and use HIFIGOE30 to get $5 off

Just got the topping e30 in, so far it’s pretty nice. I at the moment like it with the short delay slow roll off filter. I think it’s more balanced than the d10 a bit, and it’s more refined sounding too. Volume control works as intended from the remote. So far have only used USB in and that works no issues, thesycon drivers and no issues there. Using the included dc to USB cable and powering it off a nicer phone quickcharger and it does the job well. I think it’s better than the d10 detail wise, not a massive jump but something that I do think is a clear improvement for the price

Right now I have been using it on the Viva Egoista 845 to a 1266 Phi TC, will test on other setups when I have time, this is just a quick listen with whatever I had nearby me at the time.

So far though from the short experience, this is a worthy upgrade to the d10 imo, and def worth your consideration for the sound and features it can offer for the price. The only thing the d10 has over it imo is a bit higher quality display (don’t really care that much tbh), and optical out if you need it (but personally more people want optical in anyways)

I will spend more time with it, but most likely won’t give more impressions on it unless this becomes inaccurate lol. I haven’t tried dsd with it yet (natively at least), and I have only used one amp and headphone so don’t take this as my final thoughts or anything. The reason I have this is a gift for a friend, but I was going to try it out, I ain’t turning into a reviewer or anything lol


it’s a worthy upgrade to buy if you have a D10 or did you mean considering instead of the D10? I wonder what Topping will do to keep the D10 relevant…or if the lil price difference is enough to do that.

Ah my bad, I think it’s worth the extra cash over a d10 if you are looking to buy a dac and don’t have one, but that being said if you already have a d10 and don’t need the features, I would just stick with the d10, the e30 will be an upgrade but not a large one unless you really need a variable volume out


is not meant badly what I’m saying now.
But comparing the D10 with the E30 is a bit thin.
The Chip Saber against Akm alone are very different tonally.
Apart from the electrical circuitry, which may be almost similar, I would go one step further against that, because the capacitors and Wima could be different again.
Not to forget that the D10 is also a bit older.
I understand that there are some users who say Tonal hear the differences.
Which would also be the case between Fostex Ho A3 and HpA4Bl.
I also say that they are very different from each other.
The simple reason is that the Hp A3 has an Akm and the HpA4BL a Burr Brown with Sharp off and Roll off function.
The end was that I just liked the Hp A3 better, although it didn’t have the technical sophistication like the HpA4BL.
But the fidelity of the Hp A3 was more authentic for me and then also the personal emotions.
That’s why I always like to enjoy cross-comparisons with caution. The shot can also backfire like the Sp200 for example.
It is not everyone’s taste, and in the end had to garner a lot of criticism, but rightly from the manufacturing alone.
A comparison with the old Akm chip like now the Fostex Hp A3 or other Akm chip devices might be more interesting, as well as the current chip that can be bought as a finished Dac / amp against the E30 and different headphone amplifiers such as Schiit vali2, herasy magni 3 +, Rupert neve, liquid Spark, Loxjie.
You may also get a good and cheap combo.
Personally, I have to say.
I listened to all the chips and tested them for a long time.
In the end I judged that the Akm and Cirrus logic are very suitable for headphones.
I find the Esabre chip very good for stereos as well as for older ones. Models as an upgrade are very, very good, where they get the warmth and fire where they are needed, where I feel too sharp and too cold for headphones, and the contours are just too cold for me, it just doesn’t pick you up from the emotions .
I would put the Burr Brwon almost as unusable, which I think is the worst of all, because you don’t necessarily feel a foundation where you say yes it is, and would be for someone who is not satisfied with anything.
But just my personal assessment others say something else because you feel and hear something else.

I mean they do sound close from memory, they are both well implemented chips, but I think the change to akm benefited it from a headphone AND speaker perspective (at least quickly testing on my desk speaker setups). They kinda just made a higher quality product overall imo. I don’t think having a different dac chip makes them that different of a product (the d10 and e30), they aim for the same performance, being a more transparent sound with good objective performance, and think they both serve that role well. I mean personally from my experience it’s all implementation and less of the chip, that’s how you determine your final sound, and when you use a similar design but with a different chip, it yields some similar aspects. You can tell the switch from ESS to AKM, but that being said it’s really not night and day, it’s just a higher quality product with more features for a bit higher price imo. I don’t have a d10 to test in front of me, but I do have alot of experience with it, but of course having it in front of me would be more ideal.


Now testing with a proper pairing being the magni heresy and the e30, with a variety of headphones, this is pretty slick for the price if you want something clean, clear, powerful, and somewhat neutral. The d10 and heresy could get a bit harsh at times, and with the e30 it now seems to be more controlled, and also I think presentation has improved vs the d10. It’s almost a slight w to the sound where the d10 was a bit brighter, but the filters can do some more fine tuning on the e30. This is a fairly enjoyable combo and def something that works well together

Now paring with the liquid spark, it is equally enjoyable lol, but I actually think the d10 would be a bit more balanced pairing from memory. The d10 added a tad of extra treble energy that helped with the slight smoothness and roll off of the treble in the liquid spark, the e30 is a bit more weighty sounding and still has good treble, but does emphasize more of a warmer thicker sound (which can be good if you enjoy that of course), both are fairly great pairings though and this is also worthwhile too.

Aight, I’m done now lol


well that was an announcement :grin:.
Since I do not want to contradict you because your experience of various equipment is certainly designed higher than mine :smile:.
Even if your first impression was that it could be similar to the D10, it usually doesn’t fool you when it comes out of your belly, it definitely works for everyone Point of view could change again, or others who bought it could not say anything else.

I definitely don’t think he looks bad.
The variety of connections is there.
The technical options too.
And only 5 volts to drive is also something that you can work with and possibly get something out via Psu or directly on the PC.
I like it.
and I thought about that too, but I’ll wait a bit if I decide to.
I never like to buy the first series of a product that first saw the market, also because of the teething problems.
I’m looking forward to further reports :grin::v::+1:

So I see there is now a SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK2 that also now uses a 4493, and I wonder how they would compare, I would assume they would sound kinda similar and both have solid features. They pretty much have the same features actually


I really hope one of these single ended budget dacs get mqa eventually… as far as I can tell this is non existent in the market

The ifi zen dac a good pick if you want that, I actually have one hooked up besides my other dacs lol

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I’ve been considering purchasing it again tbh… it was fidgety but its the only option and I also liked the sound… you’re using it as a dac?