🔷 Topping E30

The issue is the licensing fee, it makes it far more difficult to include on a low priced DAC.

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Pretty much yeah, mqa is legit just drm with extra steps


IMO it’s a dac first device, real nice warmer sound if you are into that. If you check my profile you can see how it’s hooked up

yeah I’ll probably give it another shot… I sort of feel like I’m collecting dacs though… this hobby really gets ya

Ah I def feel like I’m collecting dacs lol, fortunately I have limited myself by my setup since I can only support up to 6 dacs with my current switcher setup

and people say ‘dacs don’t matter’… psssh

It’s moreso that you want to put your focuses moreso on the headphones and then amp before your dac (assuming you have a decent dac) in a budget setup, in the higher end the dac starts to matter way more imo

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Things you only read in an audiophile forum. Lol.
Enjoy :smiley:

Edit: Inb4 someone tells you about “these” cheap switchers…

Ah yeah the switches are mid tier switches, but they do the job well. I have thought about expanding with more dacs and switchers but I already have some fairly high tier ones and am pretty content with them. I so have space for more amp expansion but I already have 15 amps on the desk in the switcher setup lol, so I think I’m most likely done there too

Time to move into desk 2 lol (unless…)

Edit: it would be fun to build a switching setup with budget references, might be something I do in the future


And a youtube channel? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nah, no reviews lol, just for my own sake of enjoyment, if I was to do reviews I would have started long before I joined this forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, so the E30 is slightly more refined than the D10? Where does the D50 sit in context then? Significant enough an upgrade?

That’s a good question, the d50s has bluetooth so that’s nice. I think the d50s might be a bit better, but imo it reduces the value proposition to where if you already had a e30, imo I would save to something higher end like the bifrost 2 or something

As a car guy, everytime I read e30, I see a pretty BMW.


Thoughts on the E30 vs Sanskrit 10th MKI? $30 US difference between the MKI and MKII, and $50 difference between MKI and E30. For a value option, I’d be tempted to just say go with the MKI, but I can’t say I’ve used any of the three ^^

I haven’t heard the mk2 so I can’t comment on that, but imo I think the features and the extra bump in refinement on the e30 might be worthwhile if you plan to upgrade amps and keep dacs down the line. The mk2 is most likely similar to the e30, but I can’t confirm

I really applaud Topping for what seems to be a conscious move towards more excellence in their products. From their website i assume “E” stands for Exceptional. If you want to compare this DAC to the “D” line it would be the D30 i would think lol. But the features on this amp sound impressive. i got this off amazon:

Whats “Velvet Sound Verita”? And “Thesycon” customized drivers? DSD512, 32bit 768kHz. XMOS XU208 and a remote? sounds impressive.

And you can plug it into your computer for power. nice.

As for MQA im glad it doesnt have it. I would love MQA to get squashed. Its a lossless format and Amazon and Qobuz seem to be doing just fine with their ultra HD.

I wonder how this compares to the new SMSL Sanskrit DAC with the same chip? Both companies are great economical standbys. I wonder which one will come on top in regards to quality.

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Man the measurements and stats of this thing put it near Topping D50s category. Is Topping planning on an update or next step up from the E30? Cause minus the bluetooth this seems to rival it.

The SMSL Sanskrit 10th SK10 MKII is also there for 109.99. I feel like the D10 is now obsolete and the D30 to an extent.

Now I’m not certain if I want to go Topping D50s… especially if this is cheaper with better measurements.

Thesycon is the company that handles the Windows driver support for these DACs from what I read. SMSL uses them as well to make drivers for their DAC products.

No idea what Velvet Sound Verita is though. Google seems to point to what AKM is calling their new product line.

This has been the name of the the entire AK49XX line for years.