🔶 Beyerdynamic DT1990

Did notice that it does compliment the dt 1990 and 990s really well just didn’t know on the alternatives. As for upgrades alright so the asgard 3 I see priced at $200. I thought asgard 3 was both an amp and dac though?

200 is only for the amp, you can add dac modules if you wanted to

ah ok I see that so it has the capability of becoming an amp/dac. How is the sound signature on this then M0N. Would you pair it with a seperate dac?

Balanced w sounding kinda, but pretty neutral. I think it would be more impactful, a bit sweeter sounding but not as colored as the liquid spark, and it would improve spatial recreation and detail, generally more control over the headphone. I would just keep the d10 with it imo

I have been meaning to ask you M0N, as everytime I turn around your knowledge is vast as hell, is there a sound difference between the E30 and D10? They are almost the same price only different by like $20 or $30

So if you check out this thread and some of my posts I kinda do a quick comparison

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lol thank you very much. read it. I will put those two in my list of what to upgrade to later on. Thank you very much

Anyone know where I can get these for cheaper? Been looking for a pair of these used and drawing a bit of a blank. Probably due to this damned Virus but all the prices are like $600 or $700. Seen old classifieds for $300 or so which is much more feasible. Prefer to get these used so I can buy a better amp. Fell in love with this headphone but it’s my buddies and he wants it back, and I definitely can see why these things are incredible. also could use an extension cable for these if one exists and someone has a good recommendation.

So for the most part, the used market has increased in price in general lately, so I guess just keep your eye out.

To mention them again lol, periapt also makes a 1990 cable for 10 ft

Or you could grab a 1/4 inch extension cable

oh right… HEY MY BAD i forgot you told me this. lmfao. Edit: call it even… had to explain what pa meant. Anyway yeah… market is horrid right now…

I actually think that was on the aeon open x thread lol. They just have solid cables at solid prices

ikr, at the beginning I scored a fair amount of good deals, but prices have just gone up from then

hmm… would the extension cable cause any sound problems? hell of a lot cheaper that route.

Well, When you get everyone locked up in their houses I guess that kind of stops all forms of marketing… Still, I got lucky with the carbons on this site figured I would ask for both the aeon and dt 1990 pages. Never know in these times. Hoping things kind of pick back up soon. Probably won’t be able to pick up these headphones till later this year less someone chimes in.

I haven’t heard the D10, but I have the D30 and the E30. I also have a Liquid Spark and an Asgard 3. I don’t have the 1990s, but I can say with my headphones I definitely noticed going from the Liquid Spark to the A3 much more than the D30 to E30. IMO, you’ll be getting more for the money sticking with the D10 and getting an Asgard 3.

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Is there really even a difference on the d30 and e30? I think I read that the e30 is slightly cleaner somewhere. Anyway, appreciate the info on that however, I already ordered the exchange for my d10 to the E30. I will be digging around for a asgard till I manage to find one at a good price, as I don’t plan to buy it new I like to save money and in this case it could help someone out with funds with how crazy stuff is. I will be buying the Rupert Neve Designs RNHP way later less theres a better alternative however according to what I was told in my other post from M0N this amp is fantastic for the dt 1990s. I figure I can make use of the asgard 3 as my all rounder for testing alternative newer headphones later on.

Different chips and generation of products

Figured that much, just didn’t know the difference on sound.

I’m waiting on an RCA switcher to A/B with the D30 (should be here early next week). I’ll let you know then if I can really tell a difference. Switching from the D30 to E30 without going back to the D30 at all, I didn’t notice any crazy differences.

Would definitely appreciate that. Thank you. So I think I will be fine with just the E30 I don’t really see a big reason to upgrade speaking for myself personally. I don’t plan to record or anything like that… just general music and gaming. So that just boils down to actually getting the headphones and picking up the amps. Going to keep a very close eye on markets for a while hope like hell I can find what I am looking for.

In regards to the Asgard 3: good luck finding a used one at a discounted price. I watched for that for about a month, and nothing. No one seems to want to sell them. Which means they probably are as good of value as people are saying (me included).

yeah no kidding. Not finding anything on them. To be fair I do have until December I am pretty patient on it I just would rather not wait 7 months