🔷 Topping L30

This is the official thread for the Topping L30

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • 1/4 inch headphone out, rca in and pre out
  • 2.3w @ 32 ohms, 280mw @ 300 ohms
  • Gain and pre out toggle switch

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Z Reviews…

I didn’t realize, but apparently topping has been working on a matching? amp for the e30, seems pretty cool, not much information yet though

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I heard of an L30 when everyone started talking about the E30 after release. where did you pick up chatter from?

Just never noticed it lol, I don’t really pay too much attention to new releases until they come out, I just think it’s getting close to around the time when it will come out

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well…I Googled Topping L30 and the only reliable thing to come up was a thread on ASR that was in preparation to discuss it, like this one you made, LoL.

Not too much info out there, just noticed it by looking on headfi actually from a link that someone sent me

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share the bloody link then!

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Wow that forum really seems more and more like the topping fan club forum

they are a fan of anything that measures the best at any price range topping just happen to make very good measuring gear

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The A90 look nice.bit the Spec‘s show nothing.
But when topping would really bring a cheap Headphoneamp can be it hard.
Because it give a lot good amp‘s on the market with Atom,Schiit,Project debut Headbox.

Wait, so we looking at a headphone amp or speaker amp?
EDIT: Ah, can amp.

Apparently it’s a budget headphone amp, but again not too much info out there

All we know from ASR is that it’ll “destroy the atom in performance”, which i read as, “will have .00002% lower THD than the atom, and /or have half a watt more power” :zipper_mouth_face: just speculation here, but saying it’ll destroy the atom in performance seems like an excessive statement.

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The thd spec is not all.
Wat important is the poweroutput who can drive.
After the Soundstage ect…
I hope it is not too clean or to anayltic.
Maybe deliver a good pairing with the E30.

Just saw this on IG:

Topping Launches L30 Headphone Amplifier today
1.Output up to 3500mW×2 @ 16Ω and 2400mw×2 @ 32Ω
2.Touts a SINAD level of more than 125dB
3.NFCA(Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) modules
4.Surpassing The Limits Of APX555B
5.3 Step Gain Settings

Learn More: https://hifigo.com/blogs/news/topping-launches-l30-headphone-amplifier

Based on what is written on the ASR thread it is supposed to be the cheap and single ended only entry in the lineup, with A90 performance (not clear what the guy means by “performance”)

Lol, I was considering getting the E30 & L30 last night, but since I didn’t know when the L30 would be released and didn’t have the time to wait for a couple more weeks, I went with the Schiit stack instead.

Not that I regret my decision, but just out of curiosity; looking at the specs alone, how would this amp compare to other ‘budget’ amps like, for example, the Modi multibit?

Topping L30, Maybe A single ended A90