TRASAM DAC3 - good?

Does anybody know anything about this DAC?
Shopping page:

It have good specs:
Type DAC (digital to analog converter)
DAC chip ES9028Q2M
USB interface XMOS L6
Inputs Optical x1
Coaxial x1
USB x1
Outputs Stereo RCA (unbalanced)
XLR-3 stereo (balanced)
Sampling rate supported PCM: up to 192 kHz 24-bit
DSD: up DSD128 (native)
Dimensions 145 x 50 x 110 mm
Weight 540g

Have not heard it, but it seems fine, a bit outdated but there’s nothing on there that would lead me to believe there would be an issue. Good price for a balanced dac though, but I don’t think it is fully balanced (if that matters)

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What do you mean by that?

I need a balanced (XLR) output.

I have ESI aktiv 05 monitor speakers that want to connect with this DAC.

The dac chip is a bit outdated imo, but it really doesn’t matter that much tbh

This should be just fine for that use case as long as the front volume control controls the output of the dac, as you would want a physical volume control.

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One more question;

  • is this cable gona be (work) ok with that DAC and my monitor speaker?

Yup, that should be fine

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I still didn’t buy anything.
I’m in doubt, I can buy TEAC DAC UD-H01 (second hand) for 200€.
Is this better solution then this TRASAM?

I would say so, imo that would be a fairly higher quality unit. It has burr brown dacs which are pretty dang good, and also it seems to have a better thought out output stage. I would say go for that

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Me again :innocent:

Today I found 2 more interesting stuff in second hand shop:

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd generation) = 80€
  • SMSL SU 8 = 200€
  • Also, there is still that TEAC DAC UD-H01 3 (second hand) for 200€.

My wish (for a long time was SMSL) but now i’m not sure anymore do I really need that or Focusrite can be enough for me (at that price).

  • I read that some user of Focusrite have some driver issue (on Windows 10) don’t know is solved or not?

Main reason to buy something is to have balanced output for monitor speakers (ESI Aktiv 05) and to reduce a bit noise/hiss.

Any help is welcome :wink:

I personally think that if you don’t plan on using the mic portion of the focusritie, I would go with the smsl or the teac imo, as they are better quality dacs

In this case, I think the smsl would be smart because it has a volume control built in via remote) and other neat feature

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…and a good video that sale it…

I really like mine, you can’t really go wrong with one lol

You have this one?
Is it v2?

I own the v2 and use it at a room setup

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With what activ speaker?

It’s actually feeding some power amps for passive speakers

Two parasound 2125v2 in bridge mono going into a pair of BMR Philharmonitor for a 2ndary speaker setup at the moment

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How can I see if v2 is other than open it?

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