TRI I3 Planar / DD / BA Hybrid

Anyone seen more info on these? Seems like a recent release. Very interesting driver combination. Also looks very slick!
Released FR graph looks similar to Shuoer Tape’s manufacturer graph (peak at 3K and 8-9K), but we’ll need some real measurements.


Man that looks good, too bad I already went full retard and got the P1 and Tape or I would get after these, I will be waiting for reviews patiently, maybe I can be “persuaded” lol

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Found a review but in Japanese:

Reviews on Amazon Japan:ハイブリッドイヤホン-平面磁界駆動型ドライバー+ダイナミックドライバー+バランスド.アーマチュアを搭載-ドライバー3基-中華イヤホン/product-reviews/B0813145L4/ref=cm_cr_othr_d_show_all_btm?ie=UTF8&reviewerType=all_reviews

Fuckin hell… Ordered, not really a fan of tape as I was hoping that will be a bridge between P1 and OH10. Hope this really is that bridge. Can’t wait to see how they perform balanced with 9038S. The tapes looks soo cool that I dont plan on giving it away or selling them. Dat Manroe looks cool as fuck too…

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me too, still pulled the trigger. Wish Zeos got i3 instead of i4 in one of his unboxings

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This is a curse. $128.25.

Now that’s something I haven’t seen before. A planar + dynamic + BA setup

They had a coupon for -$8 off 129. Add some ear tips. $122 out the door.

That setup seems really cool hopefully it’s worth the cash would love to try it out

These things are huge. Slightly heavier than the P1 and the Tapes.

Surprised these are still under the radar.

Size comparison Tri I3 vs P1:


Those are pretty large lol, what do you think of the sound?

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yeah are they similar to the P1 but with more bass?

are they easier to drive? ( can you run them of a phone? the P1 is trash with a phone lol)

I was hoping for a new year treat but mine are still in customs. Pretty excited to hear them myself. Can u shed some light as to what u feel about them

I think you will be pleased with them. I listened to them on the go yesterday with a phone after I received them.

They are big, but for me they are more comfortable than the tapes. I’m good with the stock tips.

It has a different set of issues than the Tapes and the P1 but overall I prefer these. Using my phone the bass can get muddy but I did not experience any shoutiness.

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What issues do these have?

I am sooo relieved that its not shouty. I was reading in the forums that these are smooth and kinda relaxed. I actually took a break after the brain fatigue experienced after AB testing P1, tapes and OH10. Man the reviewers are truly legends specially in this hobby. One day something is soo gud and they could be actually really bad on another day. In this regards I consider T2s legendary as they never get on my nerves regardless of the mood.

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I shouldn’t have used the term issues. Other than noticing some sloppier than I’m used to hearing bass on a couple songs, these have been what I wanted.

These are easy to drive, great detail as I’d expect, bass is definitely present. These aren’t shouty and I haven’t experienced any sibilance yet, which is very present in the tapes.

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Foamies have made the tapes tolerable for me. Specially the stock ones that came with Tin P1 are so damn gud in taming the sibilance. I wish they supplied black ones too. Ordered 4sets of the New Bee foam. Hope they get the job done.

Happy New Year fellas !!