TRI Starlight 4, best at 800$?

I cant forget Zeos review of the TRI Starlight 4. He seemed so impressed with them. I was thinking of buying them. so I was wondering is it the best IEM at 800$? Is it the most detailed at 800$?

So I got the Starlights and have been blown away by the detail and range. They are fun but need some power to push, I use a sig idsd and they absolutely sing on them, I also have fiio fh7s for reference. They were def worth the money imo.

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I really got a big disappointment with these. But, actually, they are the most impressive set of item that I have ever tasted. Just that, for me, these were treble murders for me. I just cant hear the “tsss” “chhh” and other stridents sounds on the music cus that make me feel pain.

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Try my DIY Foam mod on it, it might help.

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@Rikudou_Goku Thanks, I will watch it. Just… Do you have any photo to look how the final result should look? Thanks again!!!

It looks different on different iems due to the different nozzle lenght/size pushing the foam differently.

I used different approach with them.
I’ve also used sponge but kind of acoustic one.

Cut a bit 1mm wide and 2-3mm long, really tiny bit and inserted it into the EST bore. This made the Starlight shine for me, one of the best IEMs I’ve heard.

Yeah, you can put it inside the iem nozzle. But that is a more risky mod than my version.

Yes and no :slight_smile:
I mean there is a bit of risk, but if you are ok with using scissors you should be able to do my mod with almost no risk. I have used your method with good results, problem is that I was loosing the sponge. Another thing I’ve only used the foam in the EST nozzle so it does not affect the other frequencies :slight_smile:
Not saying that my mod is better, it is riskier (just tad bit) but it is different approach of basically same idea :slight_smile:

See below

If the foam falls out of the tips with my mod. You could try using double sided tape or glue to really attach the foam to the tips lol.

Yeah, but still it will affect mids and bass not only the treble which with Starlight is not really desired effect imho.
I have tried good number of mods before getting to this one, foam in tip as well, Tanchjim filters etc. All were suffocating other bands.

Guess PEQ is your best option then.

Why? I said twice already that I had great success with my mod. Why would I need to use the PEQ or your mod mate if I’m happy with mine?

EDIT: actually I’ve said 3 times that my mod does the job :wink:

You mentioned that all the mods you tried sacrificed the rest of the sound while cutting the treble. So I assumed that you didnt try PEQ which is a more normal mod to use in these cases when you want to remove something specific.

All the mods apart from mine - I’ve made this quite clear mate.
I saw your mod + graphs and decided against it in this case. While it is good to know (I used similar similar in the past, also used similar approach with full over-ear) it does castrate other frequencies as well.

Using a bit of sponge only in the EST bore helped me to manage the treble only.
(I fell like Im repeating myself as I already said this few times in last 24h :smiley: )

yes, adding it in that specific bore will have more specific changes if you know which region they take care of. Although the riskyness factor is still there, I wouldnt want something to be stuck in it.

But if you are happy then its all good.

At 800 bucks I’d look at the Thieaudio Monarch ($729) or the Dunu SA6 ($550)

While the starlights are quite good, imo, they aren’t worth retail. You are far far better off with used mest or even just new nanna imo. While starlights are certainly quite detailed with good bass texture they can be quite fatiguing if you are sensitive to treble. Nanna have a very different sound sig but are not fatiguing in the slightest even with the boosted treble imo. Then mest is just a full tier above those two with genuinely the best staging I have ever heard in audio (I take mest over hd800s, Arya, clear, and LCD-X for the 1k price range)

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Agree with MEST being superior, but strongly disagree with Monarch being better IEM, they are not. Completely dry and lifeless, dull. But different strokes for different folks Is suppose.

SA6 would completely different animal, being full BA set. I have not heard BA set that would have better bass than Starlight :wink:

Damn no way I’m modding $800 set’s…wouldn’t even eq them tbh.
But different strokes for different folks I suppose :man_shrugging:t2: