TRI Starlight 4 Electrostatic +2BA+1DD 3 way Hybrid


Interesting, good find! Hopefully these do tribrid well for others etc.

Pretty much goes head to head price wise with the Shuoer EJ07.

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I’mma gonna guess it is likely a clone of some sort.

If interested, the Yinyoo ST7 has been fluctuating in price on AliExpress. It was ~$500 a few months ago, but shot up to $700 in the last few weeks with introduction of these other estat IEMs. I believe the Shuoer EJ07 is based off of the ST7 with slightly different tuning. Looks like Starlights might also be based off of the ST7 as well.

The ST7 is always going down in price during aliexpress sales. So probably will be too on the next sale that starts in like 3 days from now.