Two Channel Stereo Amp Recommendations +- $1800 USD

I’ve been seriously looking at the Schiit Aegir, reviewed well (in dual mono config) and the price is Schiity so not nosebleed. Before I commit though, figured I’d ask the brain trust because I don’t mind (actually prefer) buying used if there’s something I can get that’s going to be head and shoulders better.

Only requirement are it be true balanced input and the sound signature similar to the Aegir which seems to me up my alley. I’m currently using a Carver M 1.0t Mk II that I will be keeping (sentimental value) and just in case kind of. The Carver is the only amp I’ve ever owned so I don’t know how to describe it.

Detail, neutral or on the slightly warm side of it, but not thick or gooey sweet maybe a hint of tube. What are recommended brand/models that fit the description that also come up for sale enough that I can purchase withing the next month or two.

Do you have a pre-amp?
Or do you need to factor that in if it’s not an integrated?

I’ve got a Schiit Freya +. Will feed XLR from there.

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And because I apparently can’t ask 2 questions in a post, what are you trying to drive with it and how much power do you think you need.
I assume you prefer SS?

I think anything around 80~ watts and up into 4 ohm would cover me very well.

As far as I know, the Aegir and Vidar aren’t really meant to go below 8 Ohms when they’re in monoblock mode.

Parasound A23+ might suit your needs. Not sure about sound signature off the top of my head.

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If you want to drive low impedance difficult to drive speakers, you could probably get a used Krell like this

There are a lot of more difficult to drive speakers rated at 8 Ohms that have impedance curve that drop below 2 Ohms in places.
The Krell stuff is usually considered very Neutral, and they do the magical thing of doubling power as the impedance drops usually all the way to 1 Ohm, so it’s 100W into 8 Ohms and 800W into 1.

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Yeah they don’t mention it but apparently they’re stable to 160 watts into 4 ohms. Not that I’d ever push them to that many watts anyway.

That’s a very liberal interpretation of reality by whoever made that statement lol. It depends on the speakers and how loud they’re played but in general I wouldn’t do it. Unless you enjoy regularly scheduled amp going into protect. What speakers are you using?

Oh btw, Schiit will likely be coming out with two more speaker amps this year (per Jason).

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If you can swing a couple hundred dollars more I’d look at a used Pass X150.5.

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I’m just kicking tires and haven’t committed to anything, honestly would rather go the used route since I think I’d get a better “value”. Both Steve Guttenberg and the guy from New Record day mentioned it. So if I find something good used in the sub $1000 region I’d much rather do that.

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The problem if you go sub 1k you really will be taking more of a sidegrade or downgrade from the carver than an upgrade, 2k used is a good place to be and can get you some really solid options that could be a solid upgrade over what you have


I’ve got some time on my side. I can keep an eye out for deals as/if they come up. Feel free to thrown out some names.

Thoughts on the PS Audio Stellar S300? Or a Parasound?

It’s a bit of push on my end since I’m happy with the Carver, but I’m limited with the Freya output capabilities. I’m okay with that.

So maybe a sidegrade if it’s a good deal will “tie me over” from a connectivity standpoint until I am able to commit to a more complete amp solution. If it’s something I know I can flip it might be something I’d consider.

What’s your opinion on the Aegirs? I can get them and they’re within budget and I may be satisfied with them and stop there.

I like the pass labs idea that @A_Jedi mentioned, I think that would suit your tastes well. Also with your current speakers first watt amps are an option so something like a J2 or F8 would match very well imo

Hm, so honestly I wouldn’t say the s300 would be the best match for your systems and preferences, the parasound a23+ (or an a21 if you can grab one) would work a bit better there imo, but I would prefer the pass over that tbh for the sonic goals you are going for.

Something like that used krell could be pretty cool but I would be worried about potentially having to recap it (but that’s always a good way to upgrade it as well depending on the caps you use). You could also look into something like a modwright kwa 100 since iirc those are around 2k used iirc. I would also consider something like a Classe CA400 or CA2200. You are also getting into the range where some of the older audio research amps become an option

Honestly think it would be a sidegrade potential downgrade from your carver, I do think it would match your signature but I would rather just suggest you to save the money and either get something higher end or stick with the carver

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As usual, than you. That Krell was 65 lbs to ship as well! lol

I’ll keep an eye out on things.

Admittedly most of the higher preforming power amps will be kinda a pain to ship lol


I just put this on my list of things to follow. Maybe something to look forward to for 2022. I’m thinking scoring one of these is going to take a good bit north of 2k.

Not MUCH north of 2K actually. I’ve seen them for around $2150 regularly.

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