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I just bought the TYGR 300 R and I love the headphone, the only thing is the volume varies, for example in Valorant the sound volume is kinda low on 100%, in COD warzone it is higher then Valorant, good enough but still not really loud. & in Windows, movies, YouTube etc it is on the low side, ok-ish but would want it to be louder.

Any tips/recommendations?

Some information;

I got a MSI laptop MSI GE63 9SF-605NL Raider RGB with an Intel Mobile HM370 mobo.


First of all: welcome.
The TYGR 300R kind of needs an amp to shine. I’d suggest trying a good usb dac/amp dongle… maybe DragonFly black or something similar. pretty sure others here can recommend something.
The variance has to do with your system tho & internal sound options.
For example, Spotify is usually not as loud as foobar2000 for me.
You could try leveling all your games sound option so they match.
Having an amp would help. Having an amp with a big knob would help even more.
Just leaving this here:

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Thanks! Happy to be here.

Ahh ok, are dongles good enough? I found the Dragonfly black and it has good reviews.

I have little space on my desk with my laptop and all the USB cables etc on my desk. So a dac/amp is not optimal if a dongle is also good.

Plus I need to buy a USB hub as I dont have any ports left.

I have not tried the Dragonfly black. There are even cheaper usb dongles, but in my limited experience these are “hit & miss”. Tried one that had considerable hiss on all USB ports with all my headphones.
If I was in your situation with limited space, I’d try the Dragonfly black first.
Get it from amazon or a similar store that offers a good return policy just in case.

Sound wise you can’t go wrong with the Dragonfly if it works as intended.

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Strange I find this headphone really easy to drive but it is still a old beyerdynamic driver so makes sense. If you have a decent sounding output on your laptop I would just get an amp. A higher quality amp like a liquid spark or magni 3+ overkill but I find to be better for the money than a dragonfly black.but if space is limited then a dragonfly black isn’t bad.

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What about the Fiio e10k olympus?
Usb driven and small, and heard it many times.
Need to buy a USB hub tho as I got no more slots.

Or the fiio k3, also usb if I’m right?

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where did you purchase your tygr from?

Official website

ah, yeah you just need an amp man… tygrs are old drivers and can be a bit picky despite being a low ohm headphone… nothing expensive really… Soundblaster g6, FIIO E10k, BTR3k, ifi zen dac, etc etc less you want a future proof setup which then increase your budget to $200 maximum and get one of the entry level stacks

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how often do they get some in stock?

roughly every 3 weeks

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Thanks I ordered the e10k, will receive it the 3rd.

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Maybe I am wrong on this…but I don’t think it’s they TYGR either. Yes a good amp will be great for the set (I can speak from experience). I say that its probably not the TYGR though because it depends on how well the sound files and mix is in the game. I have noticed some games (Cyberpunk) sound very good and I actually need to turn them down a bit because its mixed very well with very nice quality sound. Where as I have played other games that I need to crank things up a bit because their sound is weak. Games that put effort into their sound as much as their graphics are where it’s at. Hunt Showdown…man I love that engine. Forget the 7.1 3d BS too.
My 2 cents.

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Thanks for your input ! Yeah I notice the difference in games etc. But unfortunately without an amp I can’t increase my volume, so I ordered the e10 k and hope it will be alright!

it can power up to 250 ohms just fine… you should be perfectly fine.

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Can’t wait. I got a question… is there something I need to watch out for with the e10k as it can go up to 250 ohms and the tygr is 32? Like don’t max out with the button ot something? And what settings should I have in Windows sound settings ? It is now on 24 bits 96khz .

Most games probably won’t reproduce more than 16bit / 44.1kHz. heck, a normal flac doesn’t do better than 16bit/48kHz (correct me if i’m wrong). I’ve set foobar2000 & my audio interface to 24bit/48kHz and just leave it at that lol. I’m not aware of any precaution with the e10k & TYGRs, I think you’ll be perfectly fine. Let us know how it sounds once u tried :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply! I will keep you updated :grin:

you don’t really need to worry about the sound quality less running FLAC and lossless files of good quality… games run in 24 bit 40 hz range which is usually the default anyway flac and lossless can run into 32 bit… as for the sound… make sure the sound dial is at 0 on the e10k… max out the pc settings and games master volume… then use the e10k as your volume knob this way you reduce any risk of blowing the headphone… the low and high gain is on the back of the unit… keep in mind high gain is a lot more power… not hard to figure out really

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Thanks for the information, will do !