Tygr 300r or mmx 300mkii

Hi guys.i’m thinking of upgrading my audio setup.I currently have the x2hr with a v-shaped eq.I mostly play casually games such as lol,rocket league and for fps i play battlefield 1.Currently i dont have an amp or a dac but i dont mind buying one at the sub-100euro price range.I was thinking of the sivga phoenixs but dms’ review kinda made me question my self.So therefore i search a bit and found the tygrs and the mmxs .As i said i game casually but i mostly listen to bass-heavy music such as rap,hip hop,edm etc but i also throw a little piano and vocal music in there to mix things up .I am at my computer for many hours so comfort plays a big role.I only use spotify and youtube so far.What do you recommend me to buy at my price point of 200euros or less.Thanks a lot guys.