Unique Melody Mest

Well I gave into temptation and bought the Mest from musicteck aaaannnnndddd Audeze had their Bstock sale so I have the i4 coming as well. This should be a fun sound stage comparison as so far nothing I’ve heard for iems beats my i3 for having a huge stage.
BTW this is an awesome thread with a wealth of info for tip rolling, not just for the mest.


Oh the mest came in and I have them burning in. I’m really liking what I’m hearing, really surprised the timber sounds very natural for a multi driver iem.


Do you notice coherency issues with the drivers?

There is a little bit depending on how they are fitted in my ears but I’m getting more tips in to try and solve that. Mainly it just seems like there is more bass on my left side. I will note I am still burning these in so I haven’t done any critical listening yet.

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Can you explain what coherency issue means . I heard the mest OG has that .

It’s a noticeable difference of different drivers handling different frequencies.



And now 40% off…


That is a sweet, sweet price for those!

I have the OG and i love how it sound all weird and wonky ! Specially the crazy imaging and detail it gives off where i swear instruments float around and change! Its Just like how the noble KK or the fourte sounds all weird!! I love it! . Is makes me so engaged in the music and wants me to explore my whole (extremely large) library of music to see how everything sounds.


I have exact same feeling about OG. In general if you look at the most favourite sets all around they are having something off differentiating them from typical “proper” tuning. As there are dozens of “properly” tuned IEMs already everywhere even in 20$ range

If there is an ultimate influencer S tier list?..then I reckon it would be between…Anole VX, U12T and Z1R that’ll give you a good idea of solidly tuned IEM’s depending on library and driver preferences of course.


I’m not hear anything as incoherence, it’s actually quite good compared to my mammoths. Busy rock music is pretty spectacular with instrument/vocal separation, where the mammoth would struggle with mid and midbass separation.


Yeah these are quickly becoming a favorite. The bass inside my head is very addictive when watching TV/movies. Definitely give bone conduction a chance if you never have.