*Unofficial Survey* How much gear y'all got *Remake

This is because someone was curious what the majority of people here have in numbers. Please only check one answer.

This is for headphones only

  • One headphone
  • Two headphones
  • Three headphones
  • Four or more headphones
  • None

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This is for iems/in ears only

  • One IEM
  • Two IEMs
  • Three IEMs
  • Four or more IEMs
  • None

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This is for dacs or devices that are mainly a dac

  • One DACs
  • Two DACs
  • Three DACs
  • Four or more DACs
  • None

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This is for pure headphone amps or units that are mainly amps

  • One amps
  • Two amps
  • Three amps
  • Four or more Amps
  • None

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This is for passive speakers (pair)

  • One passive speaker
  • Two passive speakes
  • Three passive speakers
  • Four or more passive speakers
  • None

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This is for speaker amps or devices that are mainly a speaker amp

  • One speaker amp
  • Two speaker amps
  • Three speaker amps
  • Four or more speaker amps
  • None

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This is for active speakers (pair)

  • One active speaker
  • Two active speakers
  • Three active speakers
  • Four or more active speakers
  • None

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This is for DAPs

  • One DAP
  • Two DAPs
  • Three DAPs
  • Four or more DAPs
  • None

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really like the gamp between 4 or more headphones and the rest

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What is a DAP again?

Digital Audio Player

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Dang I only have 3 active speakers I need to get my numbers up lol

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TBH, I’m still stuck in limbo trying to decide what speakers I wanna put into my set up…

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Ah, yeah for the desk right? Space is still an issue I assume

Yep. Did some slight re-arranging as the monitor kept falling over. Thinking it was probably the “sub woofer” vibrating the cabinet, I put it on the floor next to the unit… On the plug side, the monitor (who’s base was broken off when it was given to me, but is still functional, hence the yoga block it’s sitting on, wedging it against the shelf above) isn’t falling over anymore. However, that comes with the downfall of the wires going to the satellites being severely restricted.
The books on the left are Christmas presants, and will be going away come the 19th, and the XBONE controller and sticky note are more for size comparison, if nothing else. The top shelf can also be adjusted up ~1.25". Yes, I do plan to replace the monitor over the holiday break, during which I will be working (the source of the funds that will be put towards replacing the monitor, DAC/AMP, and speakers, estimating just over $1000 to play with).

Technically I don’t have the dac and amp yet that I did vote in BUT it’s a sure thing. Unless the world ends tomorrow lol



Agreed, I’m not happy about it, but I’m trying to hold out till I’ve actually got the funds to fucking do something about it.
I’m still keeping an eye on the iLoud Micro, though the T0 has always had a bit of alure, personally. Admittedly, the JBL 104 and Edifier R1700BT keeps popping up on my radar and making me think about them.
For monitors, I’m looking at (more then likely) AOC c24g1 given the high refresh rate, not being TN, good reviews, and adjustability. AOC only lists max hight, but apperently the hight can be adjusted 5", or 130mm.
For AMP/DAC, I’m still looking at the XDuoo TA-10, and picking up a balanced interconnect from Hart Audio.

Totally read it in his voice too haha

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That’s a pretty nice monitor

The t0 is pretty nice imo, and is a really good choice for your space imo (if you can fit them I would recommend them over the ilouds for music listening)

The JBL 104 is nice for it’s price, but I don’t think it stands out sound wise imo

The Edifiers are pretty good and have a decent amount of features too

How accurate of a comparison would you say these are?

Not that accurate imo as there are so many factors in sound demo that it’s not really that helpful especially for speakers. I guess that the one thing that it might convey is that the ilouds are more even and natural imo

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For the iLoud vs Edifier, i was noticing that they seemed to have comperable sound quality, but it was more of a tonal shift. The micro seemed to produce lower frequencies more, and the R1700BT seemed to hit higher notes better.
The JBL vs iLoud really made it seem like the JBL suffered in sound quality in comparison, and just couldn’t quite hold it’s own.

The detail of the edifier is not on the same level as the iloud as the video may suggest. Also the ilouds have better imaging and soundstage. The whole experience just really can’t be conveyed in a sound demo like that