Upgrade from DT770 PRO

Hi everyone,

While waiting for the new DAC/AMP to arrive (Questyle CMA400i - Thanks to @M0N for the recommendation :wink:) , I made some research on a new pair of headphones (currently I have a DT770 Pro 80 Ohm)
Before subscribing here, I was 100% for LCD2 Classic :slight_smile: … but after reading tons and tons of pages here and on other forums, I think I might reconsider :slight_smile:
To wrap up the points that I would like to be taken care of my next pair of headphones:

  • Comfort - to be lightweight (770 Pro has 284 g without cable, LCD2 C has 550g) and easy to wear them for hours, low clamping force
  • I listen to techno, trance, progressive 60% of my time, but sometimes depending on the mood, I really enjoy some good relaxing vocals like: Amber Rubarth, Yao Si Ting or some chillout / chill piano music.
  • I play games :slight_smile: - shooters especially. And I would like a good imaging pair of headphones, to better hear the footsteps & enemies. Also I think a good treble helps here (but not 100% sure)
  • Type: I had a closed pair , so I think I would go with a closed one. But I would not say no to an open one.
  • Budget - now here I would stretch to let’s say 900 Euros (I’m in Europe), but I wouldn’t mind something at around 500E first :blush:
    What draw my attention were:
    Closed: Drop Ether C Flow Closed (650$ on drop using Z Reviews code at checkout), DT T5p (gen 2) ,DT 1770 Pro Closed, LCD2 C (I hate the weight and how hard the pads can be changed), Dan Clark Aeon 2 Closed (a bit too expensive but they look gorgeous)
    Open: Sundara, Sendy Aiva , Dan Clark Aeon Open X (500$ on Drop)

I hope I didn’t forget anything and thanks in advance for the upcoming feedback. :wink:

I’d skip the ether CX, even at $650 and I own them.
Aeon 2 closed is a better choice, doesn’t have the stuff recorded in a shoebox sound at lower volumes apparently.
Focals are worth looking at Elegia for a closed back, a Clear if you can find one used, but they take getting used to from a comfort standpoint.

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Hmm, what sound signature are you actually going for? And are you looking for something more aggressive or laid back?

uh if you can give it a try and see it for yourself, why not try the Yamaha HPH-MT5s?

I had to make some research to see all the types of sound signatures explained :slight_smile:
So, In the end I think I will go with a warm sound signature. Bass and mids are elevated and higher frequencies lowered. Something laid back.

Regarding the Focal Elegia, I’m not sure if the bass is at the desired level. From the reviews I saw that it is lower than what I’m expecting.
Regarding Yamaha, I would prefer something from a higher tier so I can feel that I made an upgrade :slight_smile:

Perhaps consider a hifiman edition xx? Although it’s open if that’s an issue.
You could look for a used or open box aeon 2 closed, that would be nice. The 2 classic you mention would suit your preferences well but would be heavier, but personally I would suggest the lcd 2 instead (look for a used fazor model with the new style headband). The dt177x go sound up your alley but I think those might get a tad harsh for your liking imo. I would say audioquest nighthawk carbon but those are getting harder to find at a good price (you want 300 and under for those)

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My mind is stuck on the Aeon 2 Closed … don’t know why :blush: The design and weight is mind blowing :slight_smile: … but I think for those I will have to wait a bit till the end of the year (maybe Black Friday) to have the full budget. Found it in a store in my town at 990 Euros. So definitely I need to wait a bit, but it will be on my list.

If I need to have a look at some open headphones till a 500E max, is there anything that I might find to match a bit the warm sound signature? I was looking at Sundara.

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If you want something warmer in that price range perhaps look at like a used beyerdynamic t1 mk2 or a used lcd 2 or 2 classic imo. Perhaps also an hd660s but that wouldn’t be my first choice unless you can get a good price on it


I found the HD660s new , at 360 Euros with shipping included. T1 mk2 new is around 750 Euros :slight_smile:
The used LCD2 is starting at around 500 Euros without shipping.

I recently was able to pick up a used set of Sundaras, and I love them. For my ears, the Sundaras are great for just about all music, but I do like them them for gaming. My current headphone set up is Sundara for most listening, Phillips Fidelio X2HR for gaming, DT770 when I need to block out noise.

I guess my point is if you want a do-it-all set of headphones, I don’t think the Sundara is it (even though it is a terrific headphone).

Personally I would say go lcd 2 at that price imo, and if you wanted less go senn


Indeed, the Sundaras are not the all arounder. That will be the DC Aeon 2 Closed, but I don’t have right now the budget for those :slight_smile:
I will check further for some used LCD 2 with the classic headband…

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Where do you even find an LCD-2 for 500 euros?! That’s way cheap…

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I was looking here: https://www.hifishark.com/model/audeze-lcd-2
But indeed, even at 500 Euros is hard to find something :slight_smile:

P.S. Found an Audioquest NightOwl (so closed back) in good condition at around 270 Euros. How is it compared to the HD660s at 360 Euros new?

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Do you see any nighthawk carbons out there? The nightowl is somewhat meh imo, but the hawks are pretty special. They would have much more soundstage, a pretty different presentation, more impact overall, not as intimate as the 660, the 660s is going to be more of a bit more neutral and reference, where the hawk is going for a warmer fun sound. Personally I prefer the hawks but they aren’t for everyone, and it’s also not the most apples to apples comparison where the 660 is a more agreeable headphone for most and more leaning reference where the hawk is leaning for enjoyment


The issue with (what I’ve seen in reviews) is that the night owls are more or less just normal headphones. A trusted not forum source confirms what M0N is saying about the night hawks being fun. Still, do some homework but it’s really hard to say Audioquest and not consider the Night Hawks.

In the end I chose the 660s to be on the “safer side” with the sound :slight_smile:
Today they should arrive. I’ll come back with the feedback :wink:


Nice, hopefully you enjoy them, curious to see your thoughts :+1:

The 660’s were my next headphone after the 770 250ohm too.

Coming back with a short update:
I received them and I paired them with the Questyle CMA400i …

  • the sound is more intimate, you can hear the voice right there in the front line :slight_smile: (it’s quite an experience to be honest)
  • the imaging is awesome (I didn’t play any game yet) … but on “Amber Rubarth ㅡ A Kiss to Build a Dream On” , I could really hear the breath and the position of the people playing at instruments.
  • I simply love how instruments sound
  • It has bass …I was afraid that it will sound flat for my taste :blush: . For example on The Prodigy - Invisible sun … the bass is very present and overall sound it’s wider. On DT770Pro it was a bit muffled.

As a downsize , the clamping force is a bit strong but it is evenly distributed. I placed it over my Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers and it’s a bit loose now. I will leave it during the night and see tomorrow how it is.
I’ve never had an open pair of headphones and it was a bit tricky at the beginning (after more than 7-8 years with closed ones), because I could hear myself when moving on the chair :slight_smile: , and different noises in the house :laughing: