Upgrade from TYGR 300 R , need help

Hi everyone, I want to upgrade from the TYGR 300 R. Mainly for competitive gaming but also for daily things (youtube, music etc).

What would be a good upgrade with a max budget of 250 euro. Would love to stay at Byerdynamic as there are also good deals right now.

Im eyeing the DT900 PRO X or the DT700 PRO X. Suggestions?

I also have the Fiio E10k Type-C right now. Is this enough or do I need to upgrade this also?

Thanks a lot!

I recommend not double posting, as it usually leads to worse answers.
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Sorry, I don’t really have anything other to say, though I am looking in similar directions.

Sorry! Just want some help as I am clueless.
Forgive me.

Let’s hope someone can give some good advice.

the next step up in beyers line would be the DT 1990 (could maybe get it on sale for close to that but lowest I’ve seen was $400ish)
I’ve head some people saying the 900 pro x was ok for gaming (check out the form for them/maybe ask for people to do comparisons if you don’t see it in there already)
tbh I still have my E10K from like 6 years ago and it still works great with most of my headphones, even with me having way more expensive gear I’ve kept it around, unless you end up needing more power or different input options it should be fine

Tbh I just had a look at the DT 900 Pro X review from diyaudioheaven and I am tempted… Too soon though. I would maybe try it when we come out of lockdown at a store.
They might (specifically with the Tygr 300R discs) be good for gaming as well.

I’m rather confused. Why would be an upgrade $50 higher than the tygr which is already an extremely exceptional headphone for gaming. What’s wrong with the tygr that your hoping to improve?

Anybody who sits and tells me these perform better than tygr in terms of placement and detail I’ll immediately sit and disagree. I own all three… those new beyers are great for well rounded use but they lack in detail retrieval and the treble isn’t as pronounced as many beyers so since it balances all the sounds out the fps sounds you want emphasized are not with these two.

Depends on what headphone your going to… that will only support to maybe 250 ohms.

Not sure if a rule but it is bothersome as it can bury other newcomers posts… I’ve made it a habit to check the threads now and again due to that

^ pretty much the price point you’d be looking at in terms of upgrade… but it heavily depends precisely what hes looking to upgrade. For example I wouldn’t say 1990 if he needed better verticality… he’d want hifiman for that

It’s very decent just not that great for fps… all other casual gaming? Does well

Hi Falenkor, nothing is wrong. At all! But I’m getting a second headset (TYGR will go to my GF). As to why I am looking for a new one, if there is something better then the TYGR for around 250/300 euros (now with all the deals also) I will buy that. If there isn’t I will buy another TYGR.


My bad! Will not happen again.

Alright got it, I am looking for a great allrounder but mainly using it for competitive gaming. Just around 250/300 euro.

If you got other suggestions then Byerdynamic would love to hear that also. Or if you just say go with the TYGR again. TYGR is now 139 euro.

considering the price involved… they will mainly just be sidegrades, unless as mentioned you can find the DT 1990 within your budget your searching for. Would just stick with Tygr at that point honestly less you really feel the need to step it up.

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